The Digital Transition: how the Presidential transition works in the social media age

The photos that have been released on, +Flickr, +Instagram and the video content on +YouTube , +Vimeo, and other White House presences will continue to be available on these platforms with updated usernames and will also be maintained by NARA (+US National Archives).

The process varied from platform to platform:

On Twitter, the Obama administration content that was at @POTUS is now archived @POTOS44 run by NARA. The @POTUS Twitter handle has started fresh with no posts.

The content from @WhiteHouse, @FLOTUS, @PressSec, and @VP are similarly archived.

On Instagram and Facebook there was a similar process, with the incoming White House gaining access to the White House username, URL, and followers, but no content on the timeline. An archive of White House content that was posted to the Obama White House Instagram and Facebook will continue to be accessible to the public at and

The old YouTube content is at

No mention of +The White House on Google+, which is still showing all the Obama administration content.

Read the full article in the Obama Whitehouse archives:

Update 1/21/17: apparently Twitter had some trouble with the transition of followers. See @jack's tweets:

Also see +Vimeo s post:

(via +Flickr)

In assisting WhiteHouse with its digital transition, we’ve transitioned the POTUS Flickr account. For more info:
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