YouTube Live stream archives: setup, troubleshooting, and processing issues

When you live stream on YouTube, YouTube will create an archive so that the video can later be viewed on demand.

If you don't want the archive to be public can choose to make the archive unlisted.

Note that there are some limitations:

If your live stream broadcast is longer than the maximum archive length, it may not be captured.

* When streaming via Stream Now, a Public single archive will be generated up to 12 hours.

* When streaming via YouTube Live Events or a Hangout on Air, a single archive will be generated up to 8 hours.

* When streaming in 1440p archives up to 4 hours are supported.

If the video is important, YouTube recommends creating a local archive on your own computer.

Also note that YouTube Video Editor features aren't currently available for videos longer than 1 hour.

Learn more - and get help - in the YouTube Help Forum:!topic/youtube/OBhwk2Gblew
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