Google+ers come from all around the world!

To get to know my followers better, I've been running a poll where people can vote on where they are from.

Here's the poll, where you can still vote:

Poll results as of August 9th:
Total: 8644 votes
United States: 35%
India: 28%
Pakistan: 17%
United Kingdom: 8%
Other: 12%

I asked people to share where they were from in the comments, and I got responses from Albania to Zimbabwe, and everything in between. (Also Mars and Pluto, but I'm not counting extraterrestrials :) )

The top "Other" countries from the comments are:


It's so cool to see Plussers from around the world!

I've closed the comments on the original poll post, but if you want to share what country you're in you can do so in the comments on this post.

Check out the map showing where all the responses came from:

The map also includes a few countries that had folks who subscribed to my YouTube channel, but didn't comment on my poll, including Saudi Arabia and Iran.
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