New this week: YouTube Partner Program changes, YouTube TV, Fighting fake news, Custom URLs, and more

New this week:

* The big news for Creators was that the YouTube Partner Program has new eligibility requirements. Channels must have at least 10,000 lifetime views to show ads on videos. While this comes amidst a lot of criticism from advertisers about where their ads are displaying, YouTube says this change has been in the works since last November.

* YouTube TV is now live in five US Metro areas: New York, Los Angeles, SF Bay Area, Chicago, and Philadelphia

* Now you can remove your current Google+ or YouTube custom URL, and then - if eligible - be offered a new one. This is great for folks who have changed their name or rebranded their business.

* Android 7.1.2 was officially released, with bug fixes and improvements for Pixel and Nexus phones

* And the fight against fake news rages on: ”Fact Check” is now available in Google Search and News around the world. And Facebook is implementing changes to stop misinformation and false news.

* Plus tips and updates for YouTube, Google Photos, Blogger, AdSense, Webmasters, Android, and much more.

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10 April: Deadline to apply for Sundance Institute + YouTube New Voices Lab

13 April: #AskAdSense office hours

15 April: Deadline to apply for YouTube Nextup 2017 (US, Canada, UK)

17 April: Google Spaces shuts down

20 April: Update your Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office

25 April: Most Hangouts video call apps will be retired

2 May: YouTube Annotations editor retired

3 May: AdSense Wordpress Plugin Retired

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