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Find your Google+ Photos from Posts, Profile Images and Cover Art in your Google Album Archive

Picasa Web Albums has been retired. That means the only place to access your special Google+ albums is the Google Album Archive (

Albums you created yourself can be found in both the Album Archive and Google Photos (

Albums that can only be found in the Google Album Archive

* Google Profile Photos (shared by Google+, YouTube and other Google products)
* Google+ Photos from Posts
* Google+ Photos of You
* Scrapbook Photos (Google+ Cover Art)
* Blogger blog albums
* Hangouts chats images
* Hangout video call image Captures
* YouTube Channel Art

The albums bolded above can be found at the top of your Album Archive album list with, and are easy to identify with the special icon. The others are mixed in with your other albums, which are ordered by creation date.

How to find your Album Archive from Google+

1. Sign in to Google+ and click "Profile" on the left menu

2. On your Profile, click the "About" link to the left of the "Edit Profile" button (only available in the New Google+)

That will open your About Me settings (

3. Find the "Your Album Archive" card and click "See all"

Or just go directly to:

Brand Accounts and Google+ Pages

The Album Archive supports Google+ Pages. You can either:

* Sign in to the Album Archive with the Google account that manages the Google+ Page, then click your profile photo at top right to switch identities.


* Open your Google+ Page's About me settings, as described above for Google+ Profiles, then follow the link to the Album Archive

What you can do in the Album Archive

* You can delete photos and albums
* You can download photos and albums
* You can NOT move images to a different album
* You can NOT share images or albums
* You can NOT change who the album is shared with

Adding, moving and sharing images must be done from Google Photos (

Let others view your public and shared albums

Public and shared albums can be viewed by the people they have been shared with.

You can share the URL:[ProfileID]

Your Profile ID is the 21-digit number at the end of your Google+ URL - your custom URL will not work.

Learn more about the Google Album Archive:

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While most of the images uploaded to your Google account are accessible through Google Photos, the only place to find the special albums created for your Google+ photos from posts, Blogger blogs, Hangouts chats and YouTube ch...
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+Peggy K Thanks. But I have two questions whose answers have alluded me. These are

1. Does Google Photos has an option that allows the user to share a single link that would take you to a page displaying all public albums. I am fairly certain that isn't possible based on the forums and my own experimentation.

2. Is it correct to assume that the Album Archive is non-sortable? It appears that the albums within the archive are ordered randomly. Once again, I've heard this echoed in the forum and see no option to sort within the archive.

Peggy K
+Tim Sweeney To answer your questions:
1. No, Google Photos does not have such a link. But Google+ will:

When someone clicks the "About" link on your profile and scrolls down to the photos section, they will see a link to all your public albums in Album Archive. I believe that option is already available in the Android Google+ app, and I believe it will be available soon on desktop

2. The albums cannot be re-ordered. They follow some kind of system, but I'm not sure what that is.
+Peggy K Thanks. I already solved my issue. I carefully read all the long threads of help Google+ posted.

The solution. Revert to the old G+, any uploaded picture to an album can be renamed.

When you revert back to the new G+, it ends up on "Album archive" (formerly picasa web).

Pictures from the G+ posts don't end up on
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