Google+ 9.20 adds new notification options on Android 8 devices

If you have a phone running Android 8.0 (Oreo), the latest version of Google+ enables notification channels, which let you have different settings and sounds for different types of notifications.

If you check your Notification settings in the Google+ app itself, there isn't any option to set a notification sound or turn on or off vibration.

Instead, you need to open the Notification settings for Google+ in the Android system settings. Note that these settings are only available in Android 8.0.

1. Tap the gear icon at the top of the screen to open Android Settings

2. Tap Apps & notifications

3. Tap App info

4. Tap Google+

Alternative to steps 1-4: long press the Google+ app icon and select App info

5. Tap App notifications

6. Under Notifications for [account name] tap the notification category:
New Activity (Activity in Google+ that relates to you. For example: comments on your posts or new posts in a community)
App Status Updates (Updates on actions that may take a while to finish. For example: uploading videos)
Content you might like (Occasional updates about content you might like. For example: popular posts and communities related to your interests.)

7. The options on the next screen include:

* Notifications On/Off

* Importance > Set to:
Urgent (Make sound and pop on screen)
High (Make sound)
Medium (No sound)
Low (No sound or visual interruption)

* Sound > select notification sound

* Vibrate On/Off

* Show notification dot On/Off

* Blink light On/Off

* On the lock screen >
Hide sensitive notification content
Don't show notifications at all

To get back to the settings in the Google+ app tap Additional settings in the app

Learn how to control your notifications in Android 8.0

There is more information about Google+ 9.20 at +Android Police
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