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Get a custom URL for your YouTube channel (and Google+)

Confused by the new YouTube and Google+ custom URLs? I've put together answers to the most common questions..

Here's an overview - see the article for all the details:

> What are the eligibility requirements for a custom URL?

YouTube eligibility:  
Google+ Profile eligibility:

Google+ Page eligibility:

> How do I find the custom URL offer?

There is no way to request a custom URL. To see whether you've been offered a custom URL, check your email notifications, the Links box on Google+ Page or Profile's "About" tab or your YouTube notifications page (  

> How do I claim the custom URL?

Click "Get URL" or "Get yours now" on the notification..

> What can I do if I don’t like the offered custom URL or need to add a suffix?

Once the URL is set it can't be changed, so don't accept a custom URL you don't want!   If you don't want the offered URL you can wait for a possible new offer,  make sure your Google+, YouTube and website domain accurately reflect your identity, and send feedback to Google+ and YouTube.

> How can I change the custom URL once it's set?

 You can change capitalization, diacritics and accents on the letters of your custom URL by clicking "Edit" at the bottom of the Links box on your Google+ About tab, then editing your URL. Those are the only changes that can be made.

> If I add a new custom URL will the old custom URL for my YouTube channel still work?

Yes, your old /user/ custom URL will continue to work

> Why doesn’t my new YouTube channel custom URL display in the address bar?

I don't know why, exactly, but that's the case for everyone: when you navigate around YouTube your new custom URL may not display in your browser's address bar. It's not a bug  and it doesn't mean your custom URL is not set.

> Why hasn't my YouTube channel or Google+ Page been offered a custom URL?!

Make sure your YouTube channel or the Google+ Page or Profile it's connected to is eligible for a custom URL and doesn't already have a custom URL set. 

If your channel just became eligible, it's likely just a matter of waiting for an offer.

Read the whole article for all the details, step-by-step instructions, and screenshots

#YouTubeTips   #GooglePlusTips   #CustomURL  
If you have recently created a new YouTube channel, you are sure to have noticed the default channel URL includes a long string of characters that are hard to remember and tricky to type. A custom URL makes it easy to share a...
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Peggy K
+Joshua Graham Lynn​ it looks like your channel's custom URL is already set the way you want:
Legacy /user/ URLs cannot be removed or changed (that has never been possible).
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Peggy K

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This week's updates: Google+ and YouTube will (eventually) separate, AdSense and Blogger want your site to comply with the EU Cookie Notification Policy, Hangouts gives more control over invites

This week's big news was Google's announcement that Google+ will no longer be a social layer across all Google products and services. Instead it will focus on an interest-based social experience. The biggest change will be YouTube disentangling itself from Google+ integration.

I've got a round up of posts and articles discussing this change.

That wasn't the only news this week. Google is getting into compliance with EU cookie notification policy: AdSense now requires Publishers to add the notice to their sites, and Blogger has added the notice to all blogs when visited from an EU country.

And Hangouts for a nice little update that offers more control over who can send you an invite - its no longer based only on your Google+ circles.

For all the news, plus some tips for video creators, Google Photos users, and more, check out my Weekly Roundup:
This week's big news: Google+ is changing focus. It will no longer be a social layer across all Google products, but instead will focus on being an "interest-based social experience" - Google+'s biggest strength. To that end,...
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Thank you Miss Peggy :).
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Peggy K

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Shoot great videos outdoors in sun, shade, and windy or noisy conditions

You will need better gear than your smartphone's camera!

+Tim Schmoyer​ lists all the gear he uses here:
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Peggy K

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Hangouts update: new invite settings let you better control who can chat with you directly, and who must send you an invite

Now people with your verified phone number or email can start a Hangout with you directly if you choose.

You can still use your Google+ Circle settings to control invites too.
Google Hangouts is rolling out new invitation settings to make it easier for folks to communicate.

Once you turn on the feature, friends with your verified phone number or email can contact you directly.
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+Peggy K​ thanks for sharing that. Good to know !!!!
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Peggy K

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Twitter is a ghost town (just like Google+)!

Even though Twitter is the darling of the tech press, it has a hard time attracting - and keeping - new users. And Twitter knows that in the long term it needs to change to attract the mass market.

“We have only reached early adopters and technology enthusiasts,” explained CFO Anthony Noto in an earnings call this week, “and we have not yet reached the next cohort of users known as the mass market.”

Of course, Twitter is not a ghost town for everyone. If the people you know and follow are active there it's a vibrant social network.

The same holds true for Google+. If you are expecting it to be like Facebook, with all your friends and family posting content, it may very well feel like a ghost town here.

As +Mike Elgan​​ points out in his latest column for eWeek, that perception colors the tech press's coverage of Google+:

The media in general, including the tech press, is obsessed with using Twitter. And that love of Twitter is often accompanied by a disdain for Google+, for whatever reason.

Most groups outside the media don't share that particular set of social media preferences. Yet the majority illusion convinces the press that "everybody uses Twitter" and that "nobody uses Google+." But what's true in the echo chamber is not true in the world.

For the general public who are not regular users of either Twitter or Google+, that sort of reporting influences their perception of both social networks.

Twitter is making major changes that they hope will make it easier for new users to understand what how it works and it's strengths.

Google+ has a similar challenge. The new Collections is a step towards making it easier for users to find interesting content to follow.

There are many users who have a Google+ profile created for Hangouts, or to share photos, or to comment on YouTube. As Google+ profiles are disentangled from those services, Google has an opportunity to convince such users that Google+ is worth using on it's own merits.

I am hoping Google+ is able to overcome the constant bad press and demonstrate what a great place it can be.

Mike Elgan in eWeek: Google+ Is Alive and Well Despite Persistent Media Reports

Brian Barrett in Wired: Twitter’s Biggest Problem? Its Flawed Design

To attract the kind of mass user base it seeks, Twitter may need a total overhaul.
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Peggy K
+Randy Montano I think it's partially a matter of too many places competing for our time.  I only join a new social network if I see a compelling reason to do that - it could be useful features, or people are already there who I want to interact with. So people need a good reason to join and learn a new platform. I think both Twitter and Google+ offer that, for different reasons, but not everyone may feel that way.
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Peggy K

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YouTube recaps #VidCon 2015

Looks like a good time!
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It really was a terrific time.
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Peggy K

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The unofficial Plus for Google+ Chrome extension removes +1'd posts from your Stream and restores the +YourName link on the Google navigation bar

Google+ Top Contributor +Olivier Jobert​ has created an extension with some often-requested options.

- Hide +1's posts
- Hide suggestions' posts
- Restore +Username's hyperlink on Google's top bar

Give it a try!

Install from the Chrome store:

Learn why you see +1'd posts in your Google+ Stream:

(H/t +Marc-André Beauchamp​)
Unofficial features for Google+
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I wondered whether people are finding value in my +1s, which I do intend as light-weight reshares (like a new style retweet, resharing in G+ is a bit like ancient "RT" retweets). I guess I should simply ask my followers if I should adjust my +1ing threshold, and suggest this extension to those that want none. :)
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Peggy K

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Are you in New York city? Do you use Google Photos? Google wants to give you free waffles!
We're still out slinging wafels on the streets of NYC. Today we set up shop right outside of the Google office in Chelsea. Don't miss your chance to #paywithaphoto. Here's where you'll find us:
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Peggy K

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Want to be sure the images you use on social media or your blog or website come with no copyright issues or strings attached? Take your own stock photos!

+Jaana Nyström demonstrates how she takes fabulous photos that she uses for sharing on social media.
I'll add that in addition to staged shots, keep an eye out for interesting scenes and objects when you are out and about. If you have a smartphone, you already have a camera in your pocket or purse, and it costs nothing to pause and take a few photos.

You can use photo editing tools right on your phone to edit the images. Here are two I like:


Pixlr  (also available as a web app for desktop computers)

Backup and manage your photos in Google Photos:
Don't want to worry about copyright?

Create your own stock photos for social media!

A little bit of imagination and there you have it.  
Visit a market place, a beach, a harbour, a park, a supermarket...  Place unlikely objects in strange places and shoot.

I took almost 100 different pics with the help of this bouquet of roses which cost 4 Euros.  Snow gives a nice lively background. Cropping and editing will multiply the amount of usable images two times or more.

Here is the Google Photos Help Center for good information how to use the Auto Backup and manage images in the new app:

#Photos     #SocialMedia     #Photography  
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Thanks for sharing +Peggy K !
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Peggy K

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The Google Maps app now shows you when businesses are most busy

This information is available in the Google search app as well.
Now you can see the busiest times at your favorite places on #GoogleMaps, so go ahead and schedule some off-peak eating.
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Peggy K

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AdSense Publishers: Get your site into compliance with the EU "cookie consent" policy

If you host your own site, I've seen several recommendations of Shareaholic for adding the cookie notice and adding social sharing links (thanks +Dan B. and +Masatake Wasa )

If you have a Blogger-hosted blog, Blogger has added a cookie notice that covers AdSense and Google Analytics (but not other affiliate or advertising programs).

AdSense EU Consent policy FAQ

Shareaholic for Publishers

Information for Blogger users!topic/blogger/_YGz8o6wwks
For you AdSense publishers that are having trouble with the whole "cookie consent" stupidity being thrust on us by the geniuses in the EU, I would recommend using

 They have not only easy social media sharing tools, but affiliate linking and a cookie consent form built into a single script...pretty nice to have all that in the loading of one application, rather than one for each.
Grow your traffic and make money from your site with our free all-in-one content amplification suite that's easy to install and simple to use.
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Peggy K

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Google Translate App update: more languages and faster, smoother voice translations

Now get instant translations of 27 languages and voice conversation mode is now faster on slow networks.  

Go behind the scenes:

Help improve Google's translations by joining the Google Translate Community:

Questions, issues or problems? Ask in the official Google Translate help forum:!forum/translate
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