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Peggy K

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How a music video is (not) made: Young Thug's latest music video is about how they couldn't make the video

Young Thug mostly didn't even show up, but he did contribute video of himself eating Cheetos...

It also answers the question "Why are some music videos so bizarre?"

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Peggy K
+Michael​ it is Trending 🔥 on YouTube and the thumbnail with ladies and tiny cars was so goofy I had to check it out.
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Peggy K

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9 tips to get more out of your Pixel phone

(h/t +John Skeats​)
9 Tips for Getting Even More Out of Your Google Pixel Phone

Tip #1: Teach your Pixel the art of tapping
Tip #2: Make your Pixel light-sensitive
Tip #3: Let Google give you the gift of free data
Tip #4: Expand what your Pixel's fingerprint scanner can do
Tip #5: Turn Google into your communications gatekeeper
Tip #6: Unlock your Pixel camera's potential
Tip #7: Take photos without lifting a finger
Tip #8: Bring your Pixel's wallpaper to life
Tip #9: Get lucky

Attention, Pixel owners: Grant your phone new powers with these easy-to-follow pointers for unlocking hidden potential.
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+Richard Clarkson It's apparently limited to a specific build of the phones. None of the other Pixels are affected. I haven't noticed any problem with the sound on my at all. 
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Peggy K

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Google+ update: hide low quality comments, Events, photo zoom - and goodbye Classic

Classic Google+ will be retired January 24th.

Events are back!

While there’s more to be done to improve the experience, beginning January 24th you’ll be able to create and join events on Google+ web as you have in the past. Please note that Events will not be available for G Suite at this time.

Hiding low-quality comments

Google+ will automatically hide "low-quality" cheers. If you’d like to see all the comments on a post, you can always click or tap “View more comments.”

See more of what matters

Google+ design on desktop had been adjusted to use less white space. Plus you can zoom in on photos.

Send feedback!

Our aim is to make Google+ the best place to connect around the things you care about, so please use the “Send Feedback” link in the apps and on the web to keep the feedback coming. We’re listening.

Read the full announcement by +Danielle Buckley​ on the official Google Blog:
From better commenting, to showing you more of what matters, to bringing back Events, we’re making a bunch of improvements to Google+ based on your feedback.
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Peggy K
+Heidi Anne Morris​ yes! My thought was Finally!
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Peggy K

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Go live on Facebook with just your computer and webcam - no special software required

Seems to work just fine on my Chromebook.

See +Krishna De's video for more details.
NEW: How to stream to Facebook Live from your desktop and without needing third party tools - video tutorial and resources

Read the tutorial here:

Last week Facebook released six new updates to Facebook Live - read about them here

One of the updates that many people will find of particular interest is the ability to live stream from desktop without needing third party software or tools.

This video shows you how the update works for profiles and Page and if you read the accompanying tutorial you will also discover how this works for streaming to Groups on Facebook Live.

Read the tutorial here :

Do you plan to explore this update to Facebook Live?

If you have questions about using Facebook Live within your communications and marketing plans you can contact me to schedule a private conversation -

For more resources about using Facebook Live or live streaming in your business see my previous tutorials here

#FacebookLive #Facebookmarketing #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #livevideo #LiveStreamInsiders

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Peggy K
+Craig Long seems to. I didn't go public with it, so I can't swear that anyone else would be able to see me :)
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Peggy K

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Crawl Budget: do you understand the factors that determine how the Google search bot crawls your site?

+Google Webmasters​ explains that having many low-value-add URLs can negatively affect a site's crawling and indexing. They found that the low-value-add URLs fall into these categories, in order of significance:

* Faceted navigation and session identifiers

* On-site duplicate content

* Soft error pages

* Hacked pages

* Infinite spaces and proxies

* Low quality and spam content

Wasting server resources on pages like these will drain crawl activity from pages that do actually have value, which may cause a significant delay in discovering great content on a site.

Not sure what those are? Get all the details on the +Google Webmasters​ blog:
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Hong Nurut son
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Peggy K

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Join me for a free Webinar: Blogger, beyond text

Wondering about how to add images, videos and other non-text content to your Blogger blog posts?

Join me and +Michael Daniels as we discuss what you can do on Blogger beyond text.

Wednesday Jan. 18th at 8:15pm Eastern / 5:15pm Pacific.

The video will be viewable after the webinar.
Google Hangouts FREE webinar
Learn from a Top Contributor (expert)

Join me and +Peggy K (Google Top Contributor Expert) as we explore Blogger . We will cover some basic things and posting beyond Text..... add images and video.

Wednesday Jan. 18th at 8:15pm Eastern / 5:15pm Pacific)

Even if you can't make the live event be sure to register, you can come back and watch ANYTIME. Also, if you register now you can add comments in the unified chat and we will bring it up on screen during the Event.

NOTE: When you register you get an email that allows you to add this event to your Outlook or Google calendar

Please share this in any Community or Collection you think folks would be interested. Or share with friends you have that just aren't sure How Google Plus works.

Hope to see you soon!

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Count me in 
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Peggy K

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Project Fi update M+ rolling out

Update M+ includes minor bug fixes and performance improvements, including the ability for Owners to cancel a Group Plan within the Project Fi App.

Questions? Head to the Project Fi help forum:!topic/project-fi/VPa6yDm8OBk
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Peggy K

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Zoom and pan images in the new Google+ desktop interface

Been wanting this for a long while.

Thanks +Luke Wroblewski​!
Zoom & Pan Images on G+ Web
As part of today's announcements, we're rolling out the ability to zoom and pan images in the Google+ Web experience. Use your cursor or keyboard to adjust the zoom level of images and move them around in the image viewer.

As always, please send us your ideas/issues using our Send Feedback menu item as that's the best way to ensure we'll see them. Thanks~ 
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Peggy K

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Last chance to download your Vines! Plus Twitter starts looping short video

Vine shuts down tomorrow, so download your videos now!

Meanwhile, Twitter had started looping all videos shorter than 6.5 seconds.

TechCrunch notes this could be good for Twitter:

Even without Vine, Twitter still has a chance to be a hub for quick videos. The platform’s real-time nature and largely unsorted feed make it a natural place for clips you wouldn’t necessarily want to navigate to a full YouTube page to watch (with possible pre-rolls ads) and that might not survive well on Facebook’s algorithmically curated News Feed.

Making Vines and other sub-6.5-second videos loop correctly could also provide an alternative place for them beyond Instagram, where many creators said they’d be sharing after Vine went away.

Read more at TechCrunch:
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i kiss a young boy
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Peggy K

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35 Years of Cyberwar: The Squirrels Are Winning

So far, however, the damage done by cyber attacks, both real (Stuxnet's destruction of Iranian uranium enrichment centrifuges and a few brief power outages alleged to have been caused by Russian hackers using BlackEnergy malware) and imagined or exaggerated (the Iranian "attack" on a broken flood control dam in Rye, New York), cannot begin to measure up to an even more significant cyber-threat—squirrels.

That was the message delivered at the Shmoocon security conference on Friday by Cris "SpaceRogue" Thomas, former member of the L0pht Heavy Industries hacking collective and now a security researcher at Tenable. In his presentation—entitled, "35 Years of Cyberwar: The Squirrels Are Winning"—SpaceRogue revealed the scale of the squirrelly threat to worldwide critical infrastructure by presenting data gathered by CyberSquirrel 1, a project that gathers information on animal-induced infrastructure outages collected from sources on the Internet.

Although as adespoton points out in the comments on the post, there is a difference:

The big difference between The Squirrel Threat and "cyber warfare" though is that squirrels don't generally act on the agenda of a foreign state. Their attacks are generally localized, and thus aren't really that big an issue.

Comparing randomly distributed squirrel attacks (mostly against citizen-supporting infrastructure) with nation state attacks aimed at bringing down specific pieces of infrastructure with the goal of disabling specific domestic activities... they're comparable, but it's like comparing acorns and peanuts.

More about Cybersquirrel1 at +Ars Technica:
CyberSquirrel1 project shows fuzzy-tailed intruders cause more damage than "cyber" does.
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Peggy K

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Have a new Chromebook? These tutorial videos will get you started

Even if you are a long time Chromebooker you may learn something new!

H/t +Andrew Hatchett
Are you a new Chromebook user or thinking about getting one? READ THIS
In a very encouraging move, Google has unveiled 8 new videos that serve as solid tutorials for newer Chromebook users.
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Peggy K

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The business calling itself Map Registrations is NOT part of Google

* You do not have to pay for a Google Business Page (Its Free from Google)

* Map Registrations does not Own your Google Business Listing.

+Tim Capper​ explains how to get your listing back if you paid Map Listings to create one for you.

First call of 2017 from another Map Registration Victim

I have included info to Google Guidelines on "3rd party" providers and their obligations, which should prove useful to your Solicitor and your Trading Standards report.
#googlebusinesspages   #mapregistations  
Map Registrations is NOT part of Google. How to get your Google Business Listing back from Map Registrations and information for your solicitor.
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Hi Margaret 
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