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Join me for a free Webinar: Blogger, beyond text

Wondering about how to add images, videos and other non-text content to your Blogger blog posts?

Join me and +Michael Daniels as we discuss what you can do on Blogger beyond text.

Wednesday Jan. 18th at 8:15pm Eastern / 5:15pm Pacific.

The video will be viewable after the webinar.
Google Hangouts FREE webinar
Learn from a Top Contributor (expert)

Join me and +Peggy K (Google Top Contributor Expert) as we explore Blogger . We will cover some basic things and posting beyond Text..... add images and video.

Wednesday Jan. 18th at 8:15pm Eastern / 5:15pm Pacific)

Even if you can't make the live event be sure to register, you can come back and watch ANYTIME. Also, if you register now you can add comments in the unified chat and we will bring it up on screen during the Event.

NOTE: When you register you get an email that allows you to add this event to your Outlook or Google calendar

Please share this in any Community or Collection you think folks would be interested. Or share with friends you have that just aren't sure How Google Plus works.

Hope to see you soon!

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So cool! Looking forward to this.
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Peggy K

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New this week: YouTube Super Chat, Google+ decreases bandwidth using RAISR, Hangouts group chat and more

My top updates this week:
* YouTube introduces Super Chat fan payments in live chats and highlights creators “On the Rise”

* Google+ is using machine learning (RAISR) to significantly - but hopefully imperceptably - reduce image size and bandwith. Plus now it's easier to share YouTube videos in the Google+ iOS app.

* Hangouts has streamlined group chat creation

Plus more updates and tips for YouTube, Google+, webmasters, AdSense publishers, maps users and much more.

Get all this week's tips and updates:


18 January: Free webinar: Blogger, beyond text with me! (details coming)
23 January: Deadline to enter the Elton John: The Cut contest
31 January: YouTube Super Chat launches broadly
28 February: YouTube Fan Funding retired
25 April: Most Hangouts video call apps will be retired

Image: Garish (2007) By aussiegall from sydney, Australia (Garish) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
My top updates this week: YouTube introduces Super Chat fan payments in live chats and highlights creators “On the Rise” Google+ is using machine learning (RAISR) to significantly - but hopefully imperceptably - reduce image...
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Peggy K
+Heidi Anne Morris it is! The artist's Flickr has nice photos and really cute doggie-in-clothing pix.
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Peggy K

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Straighten your photo horizon with Google Photos

A great tip from +Geeks on Tour!
Quick Tip: Straighten Your Horizon with Google Photos Editing
To straighten a photo with a crooked horizon Open photo Tap pencil Tap 3d tool, crop and rotate Drag slider to change slant of photo, notice the grid that appears to help you Or use the Auto button to have it straightened for you Chris Guld is President and...
To straighten a photo with a crooked horizon Open photo Tap pencil Tap 3d tool, crop and rotate Drag slider to change slant of photo, notice the grid that appears to help you Or use the Auto button to have it straightened ...
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A very good idea and easy to follow
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Peggy K

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AdSense introduces "Ad Balance" to help you focus on your best-performing ads

Typically, the bulk of your revenue comes from a relatively small portion of your ad impressions. By only showing the ads that make you the most money, you can improve the overall visitor experience on your site for a minimal drop in your earnings.

Fewer ads may, in turn, increase engagement on your site.

Note that if you had the "Show fewer ads" lab enabled, that's been automatically moved over to Ad balance.

Get more detailed information in the AdSense Help Center:

Learn more about the Ad Balance tab on the Inside +Google AdSense blog:
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Peggy K

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What makes a comment great?

+Rand Fishkin covers "Comment Marketing" in his latest Whiteboard Friday, and the bottom line is to add a quality comment. That applies even if you aren't commenting for marketing purposes. His tips:

1. Stay on topic
2. Be respectful to the author and other commenters
3. Provide unique value
4. Make sure it's well-written - spelling, grammar and content all matter
5. Format for clarity
6. Be up front about yourself and your connection to any link you are sharing

There's more details and marketing-related tips in the article at +Moz:
Comment Marketing: Yes, it Still Works <---- My latest Whiteboard Friday covers tips, tactics, and a process for how to get real marketing value (along multiple vectors) from participation in comment threads.
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Peggy K

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Add visual effects and music to your video when you upload with the YouTube Android app

When you use the YouTube Android (or iOS) app to upload your video, you can customize it by adding visual effects filters, music and trimming the clip.

In my video I show you how to add effect filters, then show the result applied to a recording of me playing the worst*game*ever (the Chrome T-Rex Dinosaur game).

Learn more about how to upload videos to YouTube:

Learn about adding video enhancements:

The Chrome T-Rex Dinosaur Game

The game is built in to the Chrome browser.

To play in the Android, disable your internet connect, then try to open a web page in Chrome. When the dinosaur appears, tap the screen to start him running and to jump. On a desktop computer, press the space bar instead of tapping.

Why do I call this the worst game ever? Because you can only play it if you lose your internet connection and try to open a website in Chrome. I don't want to play, I want to open the !@#$ website!

OK, that's out of my system.

All music used in the video is available in the YouTube Audio Library

Get Chrome Browser for Android:

Fix your internet connection on your Android device:

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kiss me
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Peggy K

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Live streaming to YouTube from my Pixel phone: the best and worst apps

While I'm patiently waiting for YouTube mobile live streaming, I decided to try some of the other Android live streaming apps. I only tried those that stream directly to YouTube or let you download your broadcast video for upload elsewhere.

If you want detailed info, check out my blog post. Here's the tl;dr version:

Live in Five : my favorite for direct streaming to YouTube. Easy to use, lets you select the resolution and supports both landscape and portrait.

Emoze's "Live on YouTube" : straightforward to use, but there were problems with the recorded video archives. Only supports streaming in landscape orientation. The official website is inaccessible and the app may no longer be supported.

InstaLively : I can't give this a fair review because every time I tried to start the broadcast I got an "Oops! Internet too slow." error message. Since none of the other apps I tried had that problem, it may be on InstaLively's end of things. Also, the app hasn't been updated since January 2016 which doesn't bode well.

Periscope : The Periscope app is pretty slick, but isn't ideal if your audience is on YouTube. Periscope only broadcasts directly to Twitter, but does let you download a copy of your video archive. Unfortunately the archives weren't always playable, and this was the only app I tested that didn't stream in HD (at least 720p).

Stream : Stream only broadcasts inside the Stream app itself, and no copy of the broadcast is saved. However, you can set it to save a copy to your device so that it can be uploaded elsewhere after the broadcast is over. It only supports broadcasting in landscape orientation.

All things considered Live in Five is the app I'll be going back to, at least until I have access to YouTube mobile streaming!

If there are other Android mobile live streaming apps you recommend, let me know in the comments!

Watch all my test live stream videos:

Read my blog post:

There are a limited number of channels with access to YouTube mobile live streaming right now. Watch their videos here:

(Thanks to +Ileane Smith  for suggesting I try Live in Five !)
I wanted to try live streaming on my Pixel phone, but I don't have access to the YouTube Mobile live stream app, which is still only available to a limited group of Creators (you can watch YouTube mobile live streams here). I...
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Peggy K
+The Fôrgöttòñ Lãüréñ〰 ™ make sure your Hangouts app is up to date. Try checking in the Google Play store for updates if it is an Android device.
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Peggy K

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Google+ iOS update: Fast and easy YouTube video posting

The new YouTube button in the iOS post editor lets you easily pick and preview YouTube videos.

While it doesn't appear you have the option to select your own video uploads, you can pick from the videos you have Liked on YouTube.

See +Michael Wattendorf​'s post for details.
Fast and easy video posting

I'm excited to announce a new feature to make it easier than ever to add high quality video content to your posts with a couple taps. The new youtube icon you’ll find in your posting options leads to a page where you can simply tap on videos to preview them and add them to your post. For easy navigation, we’ve included your recently liked (on youtube) and the most popular videos pre-loaded and you can always search for that specific video you wanted to share.

Happy sharing!
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Peggy K

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Holy Foley! A history of audio effects

Back in the day, radio broadcasts used basic sound effects, all of which were created live on the air. Soon after, when the movie studios began releasing talking pictures, they called on radio pro Jack Foley. Given his effect-laden background, he was able to do what microphones couldn’t, and he began to create strikingly realistic sounds for the silver screen. He assembled a team of ragtag radioheads, and voila! Foley in film was born.

+Vimeo takes a look at present-day post-production Foley Artists:

Film history is simply one of the best things.
Add some sound effects know-how to your noggin, and learn where Foley came from and the inventive ways it's put to use.
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Peggy K

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Hangouts update: Streamlining group chat creation on the web

In the improved flow, you can now name your group chats more easily when you are creating a group chat. Once the group chat has a name, this allows you to create "placeholder" group chats which you can then share with a link.

So you can set up and name your group chat, then invite people to join the chat via a link.

An advantage of having people join the chat via a link if that you can then remove them from the group if need be. And only you can invite new group chat members, it control whether invite-by-link is enabled.

Learn more about how to create and manage Hangouts group chats:

Get more details about the new group chat creation process on the +G Suite​ Updates blog:

(Via +Kyle Salewski​)

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Ojo nganggu bhs ingres
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Peggy K

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Guide: Creating High Quality Google+ Collections
Creating High Quality Collections
Our Google+ content team has assembled a quick and easy to follow guide filled with helpful tips on creating, improving and maintaining successful Collections. Get it here:
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Peggy K

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Google My Business testing basic website builder for small businesses in India and Australia

+Mike Blumenthal​ takes a look:
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