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Peggy Carpenter
Believe in your dreams and make them come true.
Believe in your dreams and make them come true.

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Started this webpage on Facebook, but trying to get everything on my g+ account.....can anyone else who has been on G+ for a time point me to a similar site on Google...after some years with Google, I even start my work though my Google Drive so I NEVER lose anything and it cannot get hacked in the cloud.

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So far, I am loving Google for Work is amazing and so is the price.

I love to work and am wondering if any other entrepreneurs work at least 15 hours every day? 


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i do not have a cell phone waste of $231 a month

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my youtube channel is active now and designed for gamers wanting to earn money by gaming, not selling anything however my gamer friends who joined us also have posted things to help me out so there is a bunch of cool stuff on there that looks awesome and I can't wait to see

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began my website

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