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(Mon03) *How to Maintain Friendships on Google+*

+Billy Wilson shared some awesome tips for Google+ but also pertain to social media in general.
How to Maintain Friendships on Google+

Back in May I talked about how G+ is a place where you can easily make new friends (, but what do you do once you have circled a number of people who share common interests? 

1. Follow Their Content and Interact on it: Click on the "Home" icon at the top of the left bar on the page and you will be greeted with a stream of most of the stuff from all of your circles by default. At the top you can navigate to streams of individual circles and from there use the volume slider to control how many posts from a particular circle will end up in your main feed and if you'll be notified by email when they post. People like to know someone's out there viewing their content so simply +1'ng posts that you like will help you stay fresh in people's minds. Even better is commenting on the post and contributing to a discussion. You can +mention people into the discussion and make it lively! Here's a post about how to interact on a post:

2. Google+ Hangouts: Hangouts are a great way to keep up with people face to face. Here's a post about how to hangout: You can do a number of things in a hangout other than just talk, you can screenshare things on your computer, play games, show documents, and many other things under "apps". You can also use Events to schedule a hangout with your friends in the future. 

3. Chat with People: Adding people to your circles will by default add them to chat if they circle you back, have you in a chat enabled circle, and are signed into chat. I chat with many people every day, it's a great way to easily communicate in real time. The chat bar is on the right of your screen. 

4. Introduce People to Each Other: Introducing people to others will help build your connections and the connections of others. You can introduce people through hangouts, posts, or even in real life. 

5. Hangout in Real Life! (HIRL): Taking your connections into the offline world will allow you to connect with people even more. Many photographers on G+ organize Photowalks, many people who love to hangout also like to organize "HIRLs". Many people have even flown around the world to meet people they met online. Meeting someone you've hung out with on G+ before in real life is an interesting experience in that it already feels like you know them when you are only meeting in real life for the first time. So pay attention to see if there will be a gathering of people you have met on G+ somewhere soon!

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Very helpful. I also like the G+ Hashtag extension for Chrome. It really helps me fine tune my stream for topics and connecting people to circles. 
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