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Top 20 Signs You Know How To Love Yourself And Treat Yourself Well 
Are you celebrating little and big successes along the way?

 Taking time to reward your successes is one way that you can take care of yourself.

How do you reward yourself for a job well done?
Read the full article here:
‪#‎motivation‬ ‪#‎inspiration‬
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Sign 1 - you buy yourself a new purse. :)
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Peg Fitzpatrick

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How to Create a Visual Brand and Free Tools to Use
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#DIYdesign   #visualmarketing   #visualcontent  
Learn how to use visual marketing to create great graphics for your blog or social media posts.
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+Peg Fitzpatrick It's very simple to navigate. Have fun with it!
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Peg Fitzpatrick

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How to Use Visual Marketing to Leave Your Competition in the Dust
Why create a visual brand?

A solid visual brand ties all of your content together across social media platforms and helps people recognize your posts. One of the highest compliments I get on social media is when people say “I saw a beautiful graphic and immediately knew that it was yours so I had to read it.” Of course your great graphics need to lead to solid content, the visuals are only a piece of your plan.

That’s WHY you spend the time to create a visual style.

It took me a long time to nail down the pieces of my current visual style. I started with a Pinterest board and pinned elements as I saw them and knew that I’d want to find them later to include. I loved the big circles on this blog design and feel madly in love with the vintage typewriter image on my home page. I kept adding little tiny pieces until I was ready to work on a total rebranding for my blog and social media.

This new design is 100% me and what I love. It makes me happy to create designs that coordinate with it and I feel people get a great sense of who I am.

Collect visual pieces that you love and put them all together to create something you’ll love too!

Ready to use visual marketing to leave your competition in the dust? 
Read on >>
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My special blog notification circle received a notification when I posted this, if you'd like to be added please say so in the comments below.

#visualmarketing   #visualcontent   #DIYdesign   #blogging #blogtips   #socialmedia #sociamediatips #ns  
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+Psychic Magick Thanks - added!
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Peg Fitzpatrick

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Peg Fitzpatrick

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How to Add Spacing to Your Instagram Post Copy via @SociallyStacked
You know what's a bummer? When I scroll through my Instagram feed and come across a post that has long, unbroken caption copy. When this happens, I usually wince, read the first couple of sentences, then move on. Why do I wince? Because long caption copy -- especially when it's
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,para los gustos se hicieron los colores gracias sin comentarios ,
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Peg Fitzpatrick

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How to Generate Radical Brand Loyalty
Johnny Earle, CEO of Johnny Cupcakes, explains how you can keep customers coming back for more.
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+Rhonda Green You're welcome!
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Have them in circles
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Peg Fitzpatrick

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Join #SocialHangout  today at 2pm ET
#socialmedia   #googlehangouts   #hoaalert  
Peg Fitzpatrick is an author, a speaker and, social media marketing pro. Covering all the major social media platforms, she frequently hears “you’re everywhere!” She’s passionate about life, social media, and inspiring others to be their best
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Social Hangout. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
#SocialHangout #48 Special Guest Peg Fitzpatrick
Yesterday, May 27, 2:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Thank you! came in late ... perfect timing b/c it was when you were talking about social media -- life -work-balance. Much appreciated!
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Peg Fitzpatrick

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7 unconventional alarm clocks to start your day
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Thanks for the options. Think I'll stick with "chime on time from coffee to the grind". 
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Peg Fitzpatrick

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Every company has a great story to tell. What's yours?

"And that’s the secret great companies and brands understand.  They know that stories can create an emotional bond with customers." via +Rebekah Radice 

#storytelling   #brand   #brandbuidling  
"Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today." --Robert McKee
Every company has a great story to tell. What's yours?

And that’s the secret great companies understand.  They know that stories can create an emotional bond with customers.

Just look to brands like Apple, Coca Cola, GE, Facebook, and Disney to see how they weave storytelling into their marketing in a way that immediately connects their audience to their mission and vision.

But it’s not just big brands that get it’s the WHY that connects people to you, not the WHAT.

Look to +Peg Fitzpatrick, +Denise Wakeman and +Donna Moritz as excellent examples of what storytelling can do. It:

- Creates differentiation 
- Allows you to stand out in a crowded marketplace
- Offers maximum impact with little effort

Want to better connect with your audience? Incorporate storytelling into your content marketing!

Here's how:

#socialmedia   #contentmarketing   #storytelling  
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Peg Fitzpatrick

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DO OVER: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work, and Never Get Stuck -
What if it was never too late to chase the dreams you've been running from? What if there was always time to do work you love? What if you already have anything you need to launch a Do Over? New York Times Bestselling author Jon Acuff answers those questions with a sneak peek at his new book. Learn more at
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+Jeff Sieh I'll have to check them out. I'm hoping to have +Jon Acuff on #MyBookClub  soon. I love this book concept.

+Jodi Okun Awesome!! :)
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Peg Fitzpatrick

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Cocktails and book club, I'm in!
What would you're favorite book/drink combo be?
Champagne and The Great Gatsby?
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My favorite book al Quran
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Author • social media pro • speaker • rockin' a positive attitude • innovative idea girl • visual marketing maverick • naturally caffeinated • Google+ evangelist • travelista • and so much more.
Author and social media strategist. Co-author of The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users with Guy Kawasaki. 

Social media is my passion. And my job. I'm here sharing my professional experience working day to day in the trenches of social media, marketing, and blogging. I work with global brands and leaders in the social media sphere every day. I've spearheaded successful social-media campaigns for Motorola, Audi, Canva, Google, and Virgin as well as having been a brand ambassador for Kimpton Hotels. I work with the best brands and make them even better!

I'll share tips and tricks, provide positive inspiration and answer social media questions through the content that I create and curate. I'm active across all social media platforms with a special focus on visual marketing and Pinterest.

What sets me apart? I'm an innovative idea girl that follows through and gets the job done. Social media is my career, not just a hobby. If you're interested in how I do what I do, I wrote The Art of Social Media to help explain it.

If you're interested in having me speak at your next conference or event, please contact Keynote Speakers: Phone: (650) 325-8711

I travel frequently and love to share my experiences and photos. I love photography! I'm currently shooting with a Fuji X100S and my mobile. 

You can find my writing on my blog I'm also a Huffington Post contributor and Co-Editor-in-Chief at 12 Most.

A few of my most favorite posts are:

Oh Snap, Can I Legally Use That Photo - guidelines for online photo usage and where to find free, legal photos.

Goodbye, SEO - Hello SMO (Social Media Optimization) - learn about the importance of social media to optimize your blog and online presence.

I'd fit great in these circles:
  • Social media
  • Travel
  • Google+ Evangelist
  • Writers or bloggers
  • Positive people :)
  • Social media marketing
  • Pinterest Lovers
I love Pinterest. Check out my Pinterest Boards! To find out how I use Pinterest and Google+ together, check out one of my most popular articles: How Google+ and Pinterest Go Together like Peanut Butter and Jelly.

To learn how I post on Google+, see my ultimate guide on Google+ posting: Five Easy Steps to Bake the Perfect Google+ Post.

Co-moderator of the APE Community for writers, it's a closed community but open to all requests. Here's the APE Pinterest board.

Founder of the Closing the Google+ Gap community for social media.Sharing ways to work Google+ into your socialsphere and your social world into your Google+. Come and say hello!

Are you interested in writing a book?
APE: How to Publish a Book by +Guy Kawasaki and +Shawn Welch is THE guide for writers. Excited to have a feature in it about marketing with Pinterest. I also constructed and executed the social media marketing for APE which was a best-seller. 

Thrilled to have contributed a chapter in What the Plus!the unofficial guide to Google+, by Guy Kawasaki.

If you made it here, wow! Thanks for taking the time to read my whole bio. 

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