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Creatively Boost your Editorial Calendar
Thinking of your blog as a publication and creating an editorial calendar for your content will help keep you on track with your blogging.

Being organized with overall themes, post ideas, and using your analytics to keep your blog readers happy can make your blogging life easier.

What are your best ways to organize and get things done on your blog?

Read it all here:

‪#‎blogging‬ ‪#‎blogtips‬ ‪#‎blog‬ #ns #productivity #organization  

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+Dr. Julie Connor Super smart! Me too.
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Peg Fitzpatrick

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Love this Speaker Photo from #SMMW15 (so many big names in this photo!) 
Google Plus was so well represented at this conference!

Speakers you know from the Plus: +Guy Kawasaki +Ronnie Bincer +martin shervington +Lynette Young +Sue B. Zimmerman +Kim Garst and me.

Amazing track leaders: +Ryan Hanley +Rebekah Radice +Dustin W. Stout
 +Kimberly Reynolds <<did amazing things working with +Social Media Examiner 

And people who came to enjoy the event +Eric Enge +Mark Traphagen +Jeff Sieh +Wade Harman +Jodi Okun 
Fantastic to meet everyone in person! I hope everyone made it home safely.
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+Mark Traphagen +Wade Harman I hope you guys had a great conference!
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Peg Fitzpatrick

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Best part of #smmw15 - face to face with online friends! With +Rebekah Radice
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+Eric Enge Have a safe trip - I hope your conference was awesome!

Peg Fitzpatrick

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Superstar dinner last night at #SMMW15
Such a great time at Roy's Restaurant in San Diego

+Dustin W. Stout is the super happy guy in the back right corner.

Thanks +Guy Kawasaki +Zach Kitschke & +Canva for hosting!
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San Diego is BEAUTIFUL #SMMW15  

I can't wait to meet so many people that I've met here on the Plus in person today!!

+Jeff Sieh +Wade Harman 
+Dustin W. Stout +Mark Traphagen 
+Ronnie Bincer +Lynette Young Good times to come!
#plus #googleplus #HIRL  
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where is the google-lolics anonymous?
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Have them in circles
872,317 people
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10 Steps to Creating a Business Persona
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+Rob Thomson Glad you liked it too!
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Peg Fitzpatrick

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After the Kodak Moment
A story of my hometown,  Rochester, NY. This makes me sad. My grandfather was a chemist in Research and Development at Kodak his entire career.

"Kodak was a huge company, but after it declared bankruptcy in 2012, the company has faded dramatically. The rapid decline in demand for its core products (read: film vs. digital photography) decimated its market, leaving the company in an untenable position—even though Kodak invented the consumer digital camera, it failed to realize how quickly that technology would catch on."
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Rochester is my hometown, too, and this also makes me sad to read. Kodak was such a part of the fabric of Rochester. I hope they're able to build something new. I can't wrap my mind around a Kodak-less Rochester.
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Peg Fitzpatrick

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Off the chart great conference in San Diego #smmw15
Thank you +Social Media Examiner for hosting this and having me speak. 😃😃
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+Peg Fitzpatrick  Thanks for taking the time to share some of your highlights and happy moments with us. I will not miss this next year. I have yet to attend a conference or gathering of marketing people that I did not have an absolute Blast! Fun people. :)
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Breakfast of G+ Campaigns at #smmw15
So great to meet people here!
+Ronnie Bincer +Dustin W. Stout +Ryan Hanley +Rebekah Radice

#googleplus #socialfriends 
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With my two besties at #smmw15
+Rebekah Radice and +Guy Kawasaki. I'm in a bestie sandwich.
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Secret weapon for leading a happy team
#teambuilding   #biztips  
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+Peg Fitzpatrick dropping the value bombs :)
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Be more productive by batch processing your tasks
Use batch processing for tasks that you can group together like:
• email
• schedule social media posts
• read blog content to find content to share
• create graphics

Being more organized will save you from spinning around on many tasks at once.

 Read it all here:
#organization   #productivity  
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Author • speaker • rockin' a positive attitude • passionate about social media • innovative idea girl • visual marketing maverick • naturally caffeinated • Google+ evangelist • travelista • and so much more.

Social media is my passion. And my job. I'm here sharing my professional experience working day to day in the trenches of social media, marketing, and blogging. I work with global brands and leaders in the social media sphere every day. I've spearheaded successful social-media campaigns for Motorola, Audi, Canva, Google, and Virgin as well as having been a brand ambassador for Kimpton Hotels. I work with the best brands and make them even better!

I'll share tips and tricks, provide positive inspiration and answer social media questions through the content that I create and curate. I'm active across all social media platforms with a special focus on visual marketing and Pinterest.

What sets me apart? I'm an innovative idea girl that follows through and gets the job done. Social media is my career, not just a hobby. If you're interested in how I do what I do, I wrote The Art of Social Media to help explain it.

If you're interested in having me speak at your next conference or event, please contact Keynote Speakers: Phone: (650) 325-8711

I travel frequently and love to share my experiences and photos. I love photography! I'm currently shooting with a Fuji X100S and my mobile. 

You can find my writing on my blog I'm also a Huffington Post contributor and Co-Editor-in-Chief at 12 Most.

A few of my most favorite posts are:

Oh Snap, Can I Legally Use That Photo - guidelines for online photo usage and where to find free, legal photos.

Goodbye, SEO - Hello SMO (Social Media Optimization) - learn about the importance of social media to optimize your blog and online presence.

I'd fit great in these circles:
  • Social media
  • Travel
  • Google+ Evangelist
  • Writers or bloggers
  • Positive people :)
  • Social media marketing
  • Pinterest Lovers
I love Pinterest. Check out my Pinterest Boards! To find out how I use Pinterest and Google+ together, check out one of my most popular articles: How Google+ and Pinterest Go Together like Peanut Butter and Jelly.

To learn how I post on Google+, see my ultimate guide on Google+ posting: Five Easy Steps to Bake the Perfect Google+ Post.

Co-moderator of the APE Community for writers, it's a closed community but open to all requests. Here's the APE Pinterest board.

Founder of the Closing the Google+ Gap community for social media.Sharing ways to work Google+ into your socialsphere and your social world into your Google+. Come and say hello!

Are you interested in writing a book?
APE: How to Publish a Book by +Guy Kawasaki and +Shawn Welch is THE guide for writers. Excited to have a feature in it about marketing with Pinterest. I also constructed and executed the social media marketing for APE which was a best-seller. 

Thrilled to have contributed a chapter in What the Plus!the unofficial guide to Google+, by Guy Kawasaki.

If you made it here, wow! Thanks for taking the time to read my whole bio. 

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