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Peg Corwin

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Thanks, Rich.  Just tried this and it worked.
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Peg Corwin

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Do you love using Canva to create marketing graphics?  Then check out the advanced options of Canva for Work
I just registered for early access to Canva for Work. Join the waiting list!
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Peg Corwin

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How Much is Enough? How Many Pillows?
"How many metaphorical pillows, cushions and other material items are enough to alleviate discomfort? What happens when you intentionally sit with and move beyond discomfort, organically shifting to a place of letting go of what is no longer needed?”
I just returned from my annual ten-day silent meditation retreat, or what I affectionately refer to as “Meditation Boot Camp.” Imagine ten days of ten plus hours per day in sitting meditation; ten days without reading, writing, music, working out, conversation of the external variety and, ...
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Peg Corwin

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Excellent advice, Janet.
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Peg Corwin

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The Social Embrace
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Peg Corwin

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Rand needs help with a link test on Google+
Need Your Help Testing Google+'s Impact on Search

It's been a long time since a test was run to see if Google+ activity could impact search. <----- Would love your help with this URL

UPDATE: Despite a tremendous amount of G+ activity, the target URL only moved up 3 positions, then fell back down and is currently sitting at #24 (as of 12:55am Pacific).

It's a random page I found while searching after hearing about the #Tardigrade on Cosmos. Currently, the page ranks #26 in Google US non-personalized results.

Help needed:
1) Please don't link to this page from anywhere except Google+
2) Please do click the link from Google+ and take a gander.
3) Please do share the link itself in your own Google+ account, and +1 others' shares of the link. Feel free to use photos, too :-)
4) Please don't share the post link directly on other social networks

Thanks so much!

p.s. I'm aware G folks might see this and take manual action, but I'm hoping that won't be the case.
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Peg Corwin

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Have you seen the mobile friendly tag in mobile search yet?  Does your site have it?
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Peg Corwin

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Thoughtful post, Janet.  Amazing how much work it is to find the right homes for things we discard.  
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Peg Corwin

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Will you use Polls in Google Plus to engage your audience, Yes or No?  Please vote.
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Yes to Polls!
No to Polls!
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Peg Corwin

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Very good post on key factors to get found in local search. Main points are:
 - If you can't create regular content, choose a content alternatives like resources, communities, games
 - Don't name your site after a popular search phrase
 - Get a responsive website that displays on all devices
 - Have great user experience, answering key questions prominently
 - Optimize onpage factors 
 - Get verified in Google+
 - Build consistent local citations
 - Earn natural reviews, don't pay
 - Set up social media platforms, engage in one
Click for all the details.

Quote: "Creating interactions is more important than creating content. You don't need "great content" to earn editorial links. You just have to offer something of value to the web"

If you like this scoop, please consider a thumbs up or share.   #localseo  
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I also run a free directory of Facebook business pages, where you can add your other social media links and website URL too.  I intermittently blog about using Facebook for business marketing, Online Marketing and on how to start a social network.  

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