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Peeta Planet - A Social Travel Series
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Every social timeline in the world is posting about #Brazil right now. #Germany #WorldCup
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كيف تسووا السمبوسك ؟
ولا انتو تقولوا سمبوسة ؟
شوفوا معانا كيف تنطبخ صحية
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كيف تسووا السمبوسك ؟ ولا انتو تقولوا سمبوسة ؟ شوفوا معانا كيف تنطبخ صحية   - 3almezan | عالميزان - Google+
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الدنيا رمضان بتجوعونا الحين
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From one World Cup nation to another, this week we're taking you to #Johannesburg,  #SouthAfrica.

A city whose image as a crime ridden and divided city precedes it, Johannesburg has had to rewire the city, its systems, and its society, following the racial and class divisions imposed under apartheid. It stands today as the economic, political, and cultural heartbeat of South Africa, and is moving away from those stereotypes.

We put the power of social travel to the test as we met with the fresh minds leading Johannesburg towards creative regeneration.

Featuring: Edlin Chuene, Curiocity Backpackers, Ambrose Mapiravana, HEI World, BCUC.

Special thanks to InterContinental Johannesburg Sandton Towers for their warmth and hospitality, and to Wild Guanabana for our epic wake-boarding adventure in JoBurg!

Watch our episode live on Dubai One this Friday, at June 27th and 20:30 GST
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I missed the episode and I couldn't wait to see the repeat today .amazing episode as usual peeta planet. :-)
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من كثبان دبي إلي قمم مانشستر... إنه بكل فخر و حماس، نعلم لكم عن إتجاهنا إلي زيارة بريطانيا!

إذا كنتم من متابعين فبالتأكيد تعلمون أننا نقوم بالإستمتاع بالسفر بطريقة مختلفة بعض الشيء. فا علي قدر حبنا لمدينة لندن إلا أن وجهتنا في هذه الرحلة ستكون مدينة مانشستر و سنقوم بالتعرف علي كل ما هو شيق و محلي!

From the sand dunes of the Middle East, to the peaks of Manchester and the Peak District. It's with great pleasure that we announce that we're off to Visit Britain!

If you've been following along our journey, you'll know that we like to see things a bit differently. As much as we love London, this trip we're Manchester bound, and will be embracing all things local and Mancunian.  

For More Information:


Peeta Planet
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Looking forward to seeing it!
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828,660 people
فين أفضل قهوة في العالم؟ قهوتنا اليوم من عمّان

@PeetaPlanet | #MyCoffee | Amman | بيت بلانيت | #قهوتي | عمان

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We had such a lovely time at the InterContinental Jordan in Amman, and wanted to share some of that experience with you!

Fantastically and centrally located, the InterContinental Jordan is an oasis of comfort in the hustle and bustle of Amman. With top notch facilities, world class service, spacious and comfortable rooms and bedding, and a remarkable dining selection- the hotel is exceptional in every way. We actually made a point of returning early whenever we could, just to enjoy the hotel (and its dinners!) whenever we could.

But above all- we have to commend the excellent staff. Always professional, friendly welcoming, and attentive. They really make sure you feel at home, from the moment you step foot in the airport until the moment you leave the hotel. A big thank you to those who have made our stay in Amman a really great one!
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since you are in Amman then better to visit the Petra & Wadi Rum but after Ramadan
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just wanted to share with you guys .That I went to Thailand about 2 weeks ago. It was fun. I couldn't see all the places u guys saw . because I went with a family member for medical treatment. They have the 9th best hospital in the world. 
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We may be out and about in Manchester filming for ‪#‎DunesToPeaks‬, but we wanted to quickly share our Carioca episode in Rio de Janeiro with all you guys! We had such great feedback for this episode, and look forward to hearing what you think!

يمكنكم إعادة مشاهدة مغامرتنا في بلد السامبا و كأس العالم أو في قولٍ آخر ريو دي جانيرو الآن من خلال هذا الرابط
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Have them in circles
828,660 people
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Travel, Food, Entrepreneurship, Social Media, #SocialTravel
Award-winning travel show hosted by two Emiratis, directed by our followers, on DubaiOne TV. We're on a journey of cultural exchange. #Hashtagalong!
PeetaPlanet™ is a travel series about two brothers from the United Arab Emirates who go on a worldwide, social media influenced, journey of cultural interaction. We call it #SocialTravel
Plot Outline
Peeta Planet discusses social consciousness through adventure travel and hopes to address some key messages:

- Connect people across the world.
- Showcase the beautiful diversity of our planet.
- Explore the road less travelled.
- Encourage a sense of social consciousness.
- Showcase everyday unknown community heroes and their inspiring stories.
- Raise awareness for the UAE's achievements through its people and leadership.
Trendy, relaxed and delicious. Great for lunch, a snack, drinks, whenever! Remarkably inviting and efficient hosts. Order the kimchi carnitas fries at all costs and ask about the special taco of the month - the pork belly in March was tender and slightly crispy, melts in your mouth.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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