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Pedro Vicente
Dreamer, Husband, Father & Android Developer when not occupied by the first three
Dreamer, Husband, Father & Android Developer when not occupied by the first three

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Gathering of GDG Organizers and Community members that want to help with the next events.

From this meeting we will plan the 2017's events.
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Official hashtag: #SCSPorto 

What company is the host of the second session?
WIT Software (Porto's office at UPTEC)

What is the subject of the second session?
Progressive Web Apps are experiences that combine the best of the web and the best of apps.

They load quickly, even on flaky networks, can re-engage with users by sending web push notifications, have an icon on the home screen and load as top-level, full screen experiences.

In this session we will go over the set of new functionalities that are available across browsers that can be mixed in order to achieve great web applications with an app-like experience for the user.

There will be only 30 tickets, and they will be free! If you register and for some reason later  you can't go please release your ticket and notify us so someone can take your place! 

How to get there:
Google Maps

When you arrive:
When you arrive at UPTEC please indicate to the security guard at the entrance that you are going to the Software Craftsmanship Session, he will guide you. 

What is our vision of a Software Craftsmanship Session?
We envision a session were a group of developers that care about the quality of their code get together and share knowledge. 
How does it really work? 
1. It starts with a small talk by a guest about a technology or general subject. It is supposed to give an overview and some in-depth view over the subject and some interesting topics about it. We don't give our speakers rules, we ask them to amaze us! 
2. The community gets to vote the topics that we should focus on this session.
3. The community gets the stage, front and center and shares it's experience and knowledge (be ready to speak out!)
4. The community evaluates and gives suggestions 

Each session will focus on different subjects and for each we will try to be hosted by a company that works on that subject. They will occur (almost) every month. 
We look forward for your feedback, suggestions (and help if you want to join us!) 

Who are we?
GDG Porto is a non-profit organization focused on creating a community of developers on Porto. We know the great talent present on this city and we create the events to bring it all together.
We are part of a greater community of Google Developer Groups around the world. 

What is a GDG?
Google Developer Groups (GDGs) are for developers who are interested in Google's developer technology; everything from the Android, Chrome, Drive, and Google Cloud platforms, to product APIs like the Cast API, Maps API, and YouTube API.
A GDG can take many forms -- from just a few people getting together to watch our latest video, to large gatherings with demos and tech talks, to events like code sprints and hackathons. However, at the core, GDGs are focused on developers and technical content, and the core audience should be developers.

What else do we do?
GDG Porto Event #1 (July 2015)
GDG DevFest Porto 2015 (October 2015)
GDG Portugal Summit 2015 (December 2015)
SCS Session #1 - Android (January 2016)
Hub for Google HashCode 2016 (February 2016)
Women Techmakers #0 (March 2016)
Women Techmakers #1 (April 2016)
GDG DevFest Porto 2016 (October 2016)
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Are you an interviewer or an interviewee?

Maybe this can help you #Interviews #Android #Java
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+Jorge J. Barroso is Android Expert in Karumi and he will be at GDG Portugal Summit. Get your free ticket!
Architecture is About Intent, not Frameworks. So in this talk we are gonna talk about how you can prepare your android application to use the android framework as a tool instead of cramming your app into their limited constraints. We are gonna focus on SOLID principles, and concepts like testability, independency of UI, decoupled code, etc, will take a fundamental part of this session.

Know more at
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We're back!!! 

We're going to have our first Software Craftsmanship this November, but we want all of you to help us define it.

What technology would you like us to focus in this first session?

Tech list:
votes visible to Public
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Angular JS 1/2
Other (leave a comment with the tech)
Angular JS 1/2
Other (leave a comment with the tech)
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