Pretty much everyone that knows me is aware that I have been running a "micro" registrar ( because I got tired of getting gouged by Network Solutions and I refuse to have my domains getting hijacked by GoDaddy. Over 99% of my customer list are personal acquaintances and I don't think I have ever had to advertise, it all pretty much works by word of mouth. 

It worked very well because, well, the Wholesalers are dirt cheap and rely on volume, and I insist on running the micro registrar at the absolute smallest margin that I can so I don't have to use my own money to run it. I also have a reseller account that I run the same way, but with a different company. 

One thing the wholesaler for domains and the one for hosting have in common is that they are hardcore about customer support. Today I had to reach out to the hosting wholesaler because I got an automated email threatening to shut me down because I didn't pay my bill, but I paid it on time. Once I double-checked with Pay Pal that yes, I did pay that bill I was able to get on my wholesaler's tech support chat and immediately have them re-check their Pay Pal incoming payments so mine could be applied correctly. Once resolved and the chat closed, they sent me a transcript of the chat session.

The message is loud and clear: they have no room for shoddy customer support. I really love that they have the guts to send me that transcript, because that would be the main ammo that one as a disgruntled customer may use to accuse their service rep of not doing his job. What's amazing is that these people can provide me this amazing level of service on a $15/month bill, while companies that take a lot more money from me  make no attempt at trying. 
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