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Apple, reinventing everything...

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damn Apple think they invent everything
Apple to sue the Estate of Nathaniel Baldwin for copying their invention... ;-)
Samsung stopped the production of earbuds... citing no money to defend in court.
Listen apple need to slow down and give to the learning homeless!
Well, as long as Sammy makes earbuds that direct sound somewhere other than into the ear, they should be fine...
No Mr. Baldwin, your earphones do not direct sound to your ass, but it does seem to be making a lot of noise on its own. Mr. Cook, as cool as this upgrade might be, it is far from new. Mr. Baldwin might have invented headphones but could not have invented sound directing  technology. This technology has been used almost exclusively in Hearing aid patients, until recently and now even dogs use them. Sorry Apple, this is an upgrade to services, not an innovation.
So that's why Apple headphones sounded like shit.
lol makes sense apple just takes stuff makes it look pretty and sells with a huge premium
Just heard they got the patent for 4 inches! They say anything that is 4 inches belongs to apple!
Haha...hilarious! Well I guess if your head is in your ass and you are one of "them", then....
church should pay for using the bitten apple trademark in their books 
+,john andrade they already own every fanboy's '4 inches' (which is why they compensate with a 'cool' toy) ... I don't see the need for Apple to patent those things.
First off, this design existed before apple (my friend is ear phone obsessed ) and from the looks of it, they still won't stay in anyone's ears for shit.
At least Jobs was indiscreet when he lied. This launch was full of BS! The American people should sue apple for false advertising, re-distribute some of the billion dollars they got from Samsung and the 48 billion they have in the bank.
They also have the thinnest 4 inches!
Apple never stated they invented the headphone, they redesigned and improved there headphones, don't see what the problem is
Don't all ear buds direct the sound into the users ears?
Opposed to their ass!
+Raymond Jones it's a joke reference because Apple like to patent things that pre existed and pretend they invented them by suing other companies for patent violation... It's funny when they steal from others, but have someone do it to them and they want thermonuclear war... 
Lmao! I can't wait to see the earpods being used with Android phones!
I purchased an Apple I-Pad from a store and when I returned to the store to complain about it's inadequacies to do anything, the sales persons reply was, "Thats your fault for buying an Apple!"
As far as I am concerned, Apple can share the same box as Steve Jobs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just so you're all aware, they never said they invented anything, they just described a new design to "their" earphones, having always sold round ones before.
Don't get this just a redesign of their product. Anyone else does this nothing said. Find a lot of people on here hate apple because they don't have an iPhone. Just because you have a different phone doesn't make it's competitor shit!
I told it to MS now I'm telling Apple don't use patents .... innovate
People are ignorant. The redesign the headphone not invent. 
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"They never said they invented"... yeah, yeah, yeah... they didn't invent the freaking rectangle too but you can't tell them that... 
I watched the keynote and now I think: Thats what they deserve for their arrogance.
Three years on earphones... no wonder it takes so long for them to update their phones...
+Glenn Gibson before I get to the point could you tell me how many shots of your profile photo (body turned away from camera while you look towards but past the camera into the distance) did you shoot before it was just right?

What don't you get? That its a joke. Apple try and take the high ground so people make jokes. Apple rep makes statement about headphones and gets a response from the creator of the headphones why is it not funny?

What your comment shows me is you're as pompous as the religion you subscribe to.

You need to lighten up a bit boy.
This is so dumb. Who cares? So they made new headphones, so what?!

"They're a company that is trying to sell us a new product. How arrogant of them!"

Leave criticism to the professionals; you don't see me moaning when Samsung releases a product that people like. In fact, I'd bet a large sum of money that the proportion of Android fans that complain about Apple is huge compared to Apple fans that hate Android, regardless of how "informed" either fan is. Hating either Android or Apple only benefits Android or Apple, not you.
Nope, it benefits me... because I look at this and laugh, and now I'm laughing when I wasn't laughing before... see, benefit of laughter...
James Pakele, what you are doing these comments has nothing to do with inspiring laughter.
Hehehe... I'm laughing, and now I'm laughing at you... I have the feeling you're going to give me more reasons to laugh in a bit too...
We should not leave not even one criticism to the professionals. They ofter write whats good for them. for a company criticism should come from customers.
+James Pakele Again, be it criticism or humor, best leave it to the professionals (apparently).

+Steffen Hartmann Conspiracy theories, great: because the internet is indeed what we are on.
+Walt Duncan You're not a professional but yet you humor me... no need for professionals...
Look i agree there is too much Apple hate going about but most of what I have read on this post is in good humour. This is how it should be done instead of getting too worked up.
Apple are a very successful company who play some pretty underhand tactics so I understand the hate but some public perception is changing and they're doing it to themselves.
this has nothing to do with conspiracy. It's enough to listen to "professionals" which are doing i.e. commercials or giving advice to our politicians. However, as you say it's just a company selling something. 
+Walt Duncan I'd take easily amused and laughing than being a grouchy grumpy ass any day of the week... twice on Sunday
I don't know Cnet nor it's owner, do you? But nobody writing articals bite the hand that feeds them
+Steffen Hartmann don't mind him... just pissed off because someone is making fun of his Apple... It happens... ;-)
The non professionals are whats keeping these companies paid. So any consumer has the right to criticize any product. In 2007 the iPhone was innovative. In 2012, not so much. Because there's far superior products available.
+Steffen Hartmann That is what I meant by conspiracy theories. Websites like Cnet and IGN post bad reviews about the same products that are their banner advertisers ALL THE TIME.
^^^ Doggummit.. somebody's making fun of Apple on the internet again... I must right this wrong ^^^
+Ste Hampson my profile pic??? It's a stupid pic someone took of me wearing some stupid glasses don't know what that has to do with anything.

I was talking about how there is endless post on g+ about apple/iPhone about how shit they are or how much people hate them. If this is a joke it was so unfunny I didn't realise it was a joke and that's not because it's about apple I thought the memes about the connector were funny because of the stupid prices they charge.

And again I'm not religious and don't know how that is relevant to the post???

maybe mr. duncan can say something about the company he is working for at the moment. Make an official statement what really makes you angry about your company or it's product. do you understand now?
+James Pakele Ignorance, and mindless hatred does get me worked up on occasion. That said, I don't think anyone that knows me would call me "grouchy". I find that I can be happy without laughing at things that aren't funny, but to each his/her own, I guess.
Ignorance? Hatred? Scroll up... a bunch of LOL and HAHAHA and HEHEHE and HILARIOUS and somehow you see hatred... ummm... er... OK... wearing the grumpy glasses?
+Steffen Hartmann I don't think Cnet makes products, so by "professional critics", I'm not talking about Apple, for instance.

To my own profession, I am self-employed, so yeah, I complain about my boss all the time, ;)
sorry for my bad english. maybe i can not explain my point of view in a better way.
+James Pakele If I was talking about you, I was aiming more toward ignorance than hatred (though insisting to me that you are laughing at me seems a little hateful, but whatever).

In any case, I don't think I can do much to defeat the "I'm hilarious!!!11!1!" defense.
Who the hell wants to shove something in their ears? Sickening, seeing people pull them out with ear wax all over their shirt
+Walt Duncan Ignorance... Hehehe... how, exactly am I ignorant??? Please do tell, this is interesting... Please tell me what I don't know... ;-)
+Glenn Gibson First piece of white shit I've ever encountered... A rare collectible to be sure, shall we start the bidding????
+Glenn Gibson You mad bro? Hehehe... sharing the grumpy glasses? Angry somebody made fun of your Apple??? 
+James Pakele what's that about white shit? I am a bit drunk so might be missing something but really don't understand.

'making fun of my apple' ermm I am confused again. I was making fun of your hat...
'you mad bro' hahaha where are you from?
Sony headphones are the best on the range we pay... just my humble opinions.
+Glenn Gibson obviously drunk... Easily confused..

If I tell you where I'm from, you coming over? Have some beers... Talk some shit? ;-)
+James Pakele or your just not making any sense?

i asked where you're from because you said 'you mad bro' and you don't look like the type of person who talks like that.
Why does everyone need to be an apple fan or an android fan? Can you not like both? And why blindly idolise any of these companies (apple, Samsung, google) they couldn't give a fuck about you they just care about making money 
Wasn't this post all about false claim from Tim Cook of Apple that they have designed their ear-buds to direct the sound into the user's ears.
erm, the old headphones don't direct the sound directly into the ear canal. I always have a hard time positioning the old earplugs to direct the sound properly, which is why I ended up buying cupped headset.
hahaha thumbs down tim cook :( srry newbie :D
I hate it when i wear earbuds on my ear and the sound goes into my nose.
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