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A proposal to make unicode emoji less basic with 13 true-to-life representations of professional women:

"For millions of people around the world, emoji are an important means of communication — and a strong representation of culture. Yet the roles of people in the workplace cannot be communicated with emoji. This is especially true for women." 

Hey, just wondering if there's any way to use Javascript to code apps on elementary. I've heard that Gnome Maps make use of. Any chances? 

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Hey guys! I want to share two things that may make easier develop apps for elementary. 

First one: autovala -  makes a LOT more easy and fun to develop, it generates all the folder structures and create the CMake files for you. 

Second: A more friendly Gtk Documentation -

I hope you find it useful!

Hi Mates! I'm in need of some launcher icon for two apps I'm developing. I have some ideas already. If you wish to contribute, comment here! 

Hi! I'm developing an app for elementary. I need some serious talk with some dev, because the documentation is lacking of some things/samples.

I need help with these three questions: 

How to properly change the size of font?
How to use an icon (using my own or elementary's)/image align with label?
How to create a About/Settings Dialog?
How to create widgets, like a table withou some details (like, say top border), or things like that?


Hi! Any chances of getting some UI Kit? I want to make a mock up, but I didn't find anything on the Design section of elementary website.  +Daniel Foré 

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Yesterday we went inside Howl’s Moving Castle for fantasy writer Diana Wynne Jones’s 80th birthday. Take a peek into the castle for yourself. 
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Mars Panorama - NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover selfie: Martian night
(Digital Art Compilation)

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Brrr! Está começando a ficar muito frio.

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