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I saw this building on documentaries many times. Today I was there and was close to crying three times. It's a very emotive place and made me think how tragic is that we still have wars and armed conflicts in the world. Including those in the name of freedom. #hiroshima #peace
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Pedro Larroy

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He had a ritual of saluting every green light and pointing to the schedule. Things are taken very seriously in J. ‪#‎trains‬
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I recently spent 16 hours on a plane and went halfway across the globe. It's amazing that our planet has become so small, it also made me think how fragile our planet is, and how much does it suck to be 16 hours inside a can. I wouldn't like to be 8 months in a trip to Mars. Much less be born and die in a trip to another solar system.
A multigenerational journey between stars would require a <em>lot</em> more passengers than scientists previously thought.
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Pedro Larroy

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A Wooden Trammel of Archimedes

The gif is a concept (working) based on trammel of Archimedes. I'm not so sure if it fit the definition because as it's said "It consists of two shuttles which are confined ("trammelled") to perpendicular channels or rails...." as given on Wikipedia.

A trammel of Archimedes is a mechanism that traces out an ellipse. It consists of two shuttles which are confined ("trammelled") to perpendicular channels or rails, and a rod which is attached to the shuttles by pivots at fixed positions along the rod. As the shuttles move back and forth, each along its channel, the end of the rod moves in an elliptical path. The semi-axes a and b of the ellipse are the distances between the end of the rod and the two pivots. An ellipsograph is a trammel of Archimedes intended to draw, cut, or machine ellipses, e.g. in wood or other sheet materials. An ellipsograph has the appropriate instrument (pencil, knife, router, etc.) attached to the rod. Usually the distances a and b are adjustable, so that the size and shape of the ellipse can be varied.

The history of such ellipsographs is not certain, but they are believed to date back to Proclus and perhaps even to the time of Archimedes. ~ Wikipedia

An animation of a Trammel of Archimedes in action.
Wooden versions of the trammel of Archimedes have been produced also as toys or novelty items, and sold under the name of nothing grinders or do nothing machines. In these toys the drafting instrument is replaced by a crank handle, and the position of the sliding shuttles is usually fixed.

" The term “Trammel of Archimedes” is a reference to one of the greatest thinkers of antiquity, reflects the fact that drawing ellipses was studied and understood more than 2500 years ago.  Whether or not Archimedes himself invented anything like this specific object, we know that the mathematical concepts surrounding ellipses and drawing ellipses were known at that time. Attaching his famous name to this device may or may not be historically accurate, but it a reasonable evocation of the age and importance of the knowledge it is based on.  " as given in

#maths   #mathematics   #beautiful   #themoreyouknow  
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Cruising at high speed
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In they todai-ji temple in Nara
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Great Wagyu beef for lunch at a reasonable price. Luxury atmosphere.
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