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Pedro Figueiredo
Try me !!! Just do it !
Try me !!! Just do it !


Começando en grande, 3 horas de trabalho e ja tengo um apagāo

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The Monster & The (little) Beast
Vape It
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+BuzzFeed shows us the hilarious reactions of men who try on makeup for the first time in this week's +YouTube Re:View:

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Dual Coil with 6 Wraps of 26AWG parallel

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#HowOldAreYou  How Hard Would You Work to Get What You Wanted?

My new All day Vape! 
This is a recipe of 4xSample of forum that can be vaped right away .... no stepping need

1714 Evolved (65VG/35PG)  
Flavor total: 11.4 ml (11.4%)

Nicotine  (50 mg/ml 100% PG) - 6ml - 6%
PG Clean - 17.6ml - 17.6%
VG Clean - 65ml - 65%

Strawberry (Atmos Lab) - 4ml - 4%
Ouzo (Atmos Lab) - 2ml - 2%
Lime (Atmos Lab) - 2ml  - 2%
Cola (Atmos Lab) - 2ml - 2%
Mint (Atmos Lab) - 1ml - 1%
Crystal Mentol (Home Made diluted to 10ml PG) - 0.4ml - 0.4%
Sour (TPA) - 0.2ml - 0.2% (2 drops for 10ml +/-)

I hope you enjoy!

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background vapor

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Por una alternativa al tabaquismo sin trabas
de gobiernos, autoridades sanitarias, lobbies
farmacéuticos y empresas tabaqueras.
Porque exigimos que nos permitan dejar de fumar.

Por tus derechos, por nuestros derechos,
Por los derechos de todos los vapeadores

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