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"Correlation studies have nonetheless shown that sitting on your thumbs on Sundays adjusts the flow of PageRank through your flat site architecture."

Best quote ever!
I see an increasing number of articles referencing correlation studies aimed at Google's algorithms. This trend of compiling lists of factors and looking for them in scraped search results is both ala...
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I couldn't be bothered to comment after reading all that (damn, I had to go get to coffees to keep me going :D).

Nothing new.
I'm not 100% with some of the views (there are ways of testing the data to qualify it etc.),
and Correlation Studies do help as a first step etc.

But in the main - I agree with him.
Funny that when I bitched about CandC, people ignored it and called me mean ....... and now some of them will think otherwise :D
I also read the entire article.. Very entertaining, but we learn nothing new and useful. I hereby call on mister Martinez to focus his next article on something more practical.
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