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Pedro Ângelo
Interactive software research consultant. Drummer, samplista, free software and free culture hacktivist
Interactive software research consultant. Drummer, samplista, free software and free culture hacktivist

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I'm sunseting all my social media accounts and moving my occasional posting activity to diaspora*

Just don't have time or patience for walled gardens anymore.

See you on the other side :)

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Open Call for Talks at the Portuguese Open Source Technology Meeting happening at the end of May. #pt

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Uma excelente oportunidade de conhecer os fundamentos e as possibilidade criativas da fabricação digital #pt  
As inscrições estão agora abertas e o 1º módulo começa já no dia 4 de Março :)

O curso livre está estruturado de modo a que possam inscrever-se no conjunto dos 5 módulos ou seleccionando apenas um ou vários desses módulos.

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So Vulkan is out and it looks really cool, sort of a cross-platform high-level assembly allowing for fine-grained control of the GPU. Still going to take a while before I try it out, but I'm really curious to compare it to OpenCL as an API for GPU stram computing. 

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This blog is a great, thought-provoking read.
James Auger and Julian Hanna's blog, Crap Futures was highlighted recently in Bruce Sterling's column in Wired magazine.

#‎Miti #‎MadeiraITI #‎MITImadeira #‎MadeiraInteractiveTechnologiesInstitute

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Its that time of the year again, where you get to put your money where your mouth is and help support independent media on the Internet.

GISS is an independent streaming media service that is completely free to use for non-commercial purposes and it currently needs 250$ to help cover the costs of running the server in 2016.

(to contribute, just click on the big yellow "donate" button on the top right of the GISS homepage)


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Another excellent presentation by Prof. Lawrence Lessig, making the point that attempts to regulate bitcoin to make it amenable to business and government use will end up creating an architecture of surveillance, and that this process is already underway and closely mirrors what happened to the open Internet .

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What an amazing year for science and tech. I think sometimes we adjust a bit too fast to progress an fail to realize the wonder of the times we live in.

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I remember some years ago +Pedro Branco and other people at his research group at EngageLab talking about this very idea. It is great to see how cool their implementation turned out :)

A fantastic Christmas present for next year. 
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