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website, web design, e-commerce, montreal, toronto, magento, wordpress, online store, canada
website, web design, e-commerce, montreal, toronto, magento, wordpress, online store, canada


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When it comes to an amazing open source system like WordPress, developers are constantly creating new & innovative plugins to make one of the best Website development platforms out there even better!

With over 500 WordPress websites built up to date, Pearl White knows which plugins work best for your site to help improve its usability. Here is a list of our TOP 5 MOST ESSENTIAL plugins when launching a new site:

The clear cut winner for the security plugin is Wordfence. The Wordfence WordPress security plugin provides free enterprise-class WordPress security, protecting your website from hacks and malware. When it comes to security Wordfence nailed it. They allow you to enable auto updates for this plugins so it’s constantly loaded with the latest knowledge against hackers. There’s nothing worse than a customer coming to your website and seeing some infected malware going across your site! It’s just bad for business and for your company’s reputation.

With many great speed optimization plugins out there, our favorite plugin hands down would be WP FASTEST CACHE. This free plugin (there is a premium version) allows you to optimize the speed of the website but using a series of techniques such as enabling different caching, merging CSS and JS files, minifying your HTML, Gzip and many more. When it comes down to it, would you stay on a site that’s barely loading for you? The average patience of someone browsing the internet in 2018 is extremely low – we want our information and we want it fast.

Speed optimization is not the only key aspect to making a site load beautifully. If our clients accidentally upload a high res 300 DPI 10MB file to their website, it will surely slow it down! This is why we incorporate WP-SMUSH plugin. This plugin enabled image optimization on the website which shall Automatically optimize and resize every image in any directory on your WordPress or Multisite on upload.

Clear cut winner for an SEO plugin would be YOAST SEO. Rated as the #1 SEO plugin world wide, yoast promises to Get more visitors from Google and Bing, Attract more visitors from social media & Increase your readers’ engagement. WordPress being pretty SEO friendly out of the box, yoast SEO boosts up it’s SEO potential significantly. We know how important SEO is for a website so we ensure we install only the best plugin for our clients.

WordPress has changed quite a bit over the past few years. We used to use ACF (advanced custom fields) to allow our clients to control different aspects of the page but not anymore. Using a built in visual editor, allows our clients to easily modify their pages or create new ones using a simple easy to use building block type builder. Although its a short toss up between Visual Composer & Fusion builder. The quickness of fusion builder just has us sold. You can easily Visually drag and drop content to create beautiful pages.
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As a full fledge Web development firm, we specialize for website development projects for any type of industry. Our company specializes with the WordPress Content management system which gives our clients the ability to take control of their website to ensure its success online!

As a real estate in agent in either Montreal or Toronto, we know how competitive the industry is. We want you to stand out from the competition, we design beautiful & modern real estate agent websites to give you the edge on your competition.

Let us create a stunning real estate agent website for you that will allow you to showcase your listings easily to help increase your sales! We know the life of a real estate agent is a 24/7 job and that you don’t have time to manually manage and add all your listings. We create our WordPress Real Estate agent websites using an advanced plugin for WordPress called IDX. IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange and is a real estate property search enabled site that allows the public to conduct searches of approved Multiple Listing Service (MLS) properties in a certain area. It is the exchange of the MLS Data to the IDX customer giving the IDX customer the ability to display all listings that are on the MLS. We use this plugin to connect your WordPress Website directly to your MLS listings. Once you add a new listing through MLS, it automatically syncs up to the website saving you the time and hassle of manually adding it yourself.

The Benefits:

Search Engine optimization! Often customers will go to the search engines and search keywords based on the location they are looking for

They will type in the Keywords that match their particular search criteria, such as:

Downtown Montreal
Downtown Toronto
North York Toronto
Montreal West Island
Often they will be directed to IDX powered Real Estate WordPress Websites.

Our goal is to get you above your competition by creating you a modern, search engine & mobile friendly responsive WordPress Real Estate agent website. Getting a quote is as easy as filling in our online form:
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Onsite SEO is the process of making your website search engine friendly. While we design your site, we keep in mind the best SEO practices in order for your website to be “Search engine friendly” in google’s eyes. By using the proper SEO techniques, search engines are able to crawl and understand the content and structure of your website.


The content used on the page is one of the most important ranking factors. It’s important to use SEO friendly copy on your website. This copy should contain the major keywords you’re looking to target. The more content on your website the more google has to crawl.

Title tags are the second most important on-page factor for SEO, after your written content. What is a title tag? A Title tag is an HTML element within the webpage. If you look into a website’s code you will see that it’s listed in the head of the page in the following format: <title>Example Title</title>. This is the title that will display on google’s research results. Google’s recommendations are that it’s 50-60 characters and follows this format: Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name. Your title tag is displayed when people search on search engines, at the top of your browser and even when you share your pages on Facebook. It’s usually the first thing your customer will see!

Meta descriptions don’t help you rank in the search engines. However, they are important in terms of search engine marketing. Your meta descriptions shows that small paragraph of text you see on google when you do a search. This helps give the viewer a quick description of what the company is all about!

Your URL structure is also important for good rankings. For example, we are WordPress Website Developers hence why on our page titles we use the following: We want potential customers to search us for WordPress development projects.

The H1 tag is your “headline tag”. Most CMS’s (like WordPress) will automatically make the title of your post or page an H1 tag. It’s a crucial part to proper SEO page structure. Your H1 tag should look like this <h1> Pearl White Media WordPress Developers</h1>. Your next title on the page should then be followed by proper H2 title tags <h2>We are Web design specialists</h2>

You can internally link to your inner pages to boost post your own sites ranking. For example if i mention a keyword such as Montreal Website Design. I would hyperlink this to my specific service page that talks about our web design services. This is often an SEO technique that gets neglected.

Alt Text is a keyword that we can associate to a photo in the back-end. For example if i have a photo of a website, I would target that photo with the keyword “Website Design” and name the photo WebDesign.png. This will help google crawl the photos.

Make sure to contact us today with any SEO requests you might have!
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The retail & e-commerce landscape is shifting dramatically as each year passes by. In 2017 we saw many large brick and mortar stores close down their physical store locations. As a result, retailers are doubling-down on their e-commerce efforts at a very fast pace in order to cut costs and increase their profit margin.

With our help as WordPress and Magento website design e-commerce experts, it’s never been easier to start your own online business. If you are looking for a new way to sell your products to a global marketplace, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

In 2018 we will see a rising in AI and augmented reality (AR). Combined with blockchain technology and the power of AI-powered chat bots the future of online retail is forever expanding. We will also see a much better 1 on 1 personalization. Instead of recommended products based on everyone else’s habits, we will be given recommendations based on personal preferences.

Let’s see what the future has in place for online businesses. Stay tuned as we update you on all future emerging trends.
WordPress Woocommerce
WordPress Woocommerce
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What are the emerging web design trends for the upcoming year in 2018? One thing for certain is that mobile responsive web design is going to continue being a growing trend. In 2018, we will see innovations to fully utilize mobile functionality even further.

Mobile design has an entirely new support for voice search and geolocation and these will continue to grow in the coming year. Flashy, gimmicky design is becoming more passe now. There is going to be less negative space and more video to further enhance products or services.

As in 2017, there will be a further surge in social media connectivity to your website. Your Facebook business page will continue to be of importance as a great lead to your website. They are constantly improving it to further show more information about your company (reviews, live chat & streaming)

Last but not least website security will continue to be amongst a top priority. In 2017 there was a lot of malware online, thus many sites are now moving to HTTPS to protect confidentiality and online transactions.

Is your website ready for 2018? An outdated website can dramatically decrease your business’ conversion. Lack of modern upgrades can make a client lose faith in your business. Cutting edge design is required to stay up to date.

Contact us today for a free website review and consultation.
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Toronto Web Design, Wordpress Design Company Pearl White Media

When it comes to web design in Toronto, Ontario Pearl White Media tends to stand out. Why? We are a unique web design company with a modern style that does not stop until you are 100% satisfied.

Our services vary from informational websites to small, mid size or even larger e-commerce projects. There is no project too small and none too large for us. We are a full scale Toronto website design company.

Most of our work is done in Wordpress, which is our main specialty. Living in Toronto and looking for a high quality designer? Look no further, Pearl White Media is the premier Toronto web design company.

Contact us today for a quote on your project.
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Are you looking for a new business card design? Perhaps a new menu for your restaurant? Pearl White Media specializes in complete graphic design services for businesses of all sizes.

As a full service, creative agency we keep up with all the latest trends and changes. All our work is modern, clean and designed to your satisfaction.

There are many advantages to working with us, such as:

Unlimited design revisions
Immaculate designs and proffessionalism
Organized work followed by a clear schedule

As a web and graphic design company, we service ALL industries and do work all across North America. Contact us today for a graphic design quote and we’ll throw in a free website quote custom designed for your business!

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BIG NEWS! 🎉 Pearl White Media Web Design is proud to announce our partnership with PERENNIAL ® Events for Pizza Week 2017 taking place October 24th to 31st 2017! 🍕🍕🍕

LA PIZZA WEEK is a week-long, family-friendly celebration of everyone’s favorite comfort food. Restaurateurs from across the city, will compete for honors and bragging rights in 10 categories with two (2) prizes being awarded in each category.

Members of the public are invited to participate in La Pizza Week by voting for their favorite pizzas and restaurants, sharing their Pizza Pics on Twitter and Instagram with hashtag: #LaPizzaWeek and, of course, feasting on lots and lots of delicious, mouth-watering Montreal pizza!

Please follow our new page on Facebook at La Pizza Week

Check out the launch of the new pizza week website at
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What’s New in WordPress 4.8 - Pearl White Media Montreal WordPress Web Design Specialists

Here at Pearl White Media Web Design, we specialize in Wordpress development. We always follow the latest trends and software updates to ensure our clients get the full potential of their back-end. WordPress 4.8 was released last month. It is the first major release of 2017, with some long awaited new features and enhancements.

First thing to note is that there is an all new media widgets section. With the latest WordPress, you can just drag and drop the image widget to a sidebar. Don't forget to always click the blue save button upon completion. There is also the addition of a video widget as well. It's important to note to always do a complete Wordpress backup before starting this update.

As per the visual editor, it is as simple as always to manage the content of your inner pages and make edits at any time. Other updates include a news and events dashboard widget which shows WordPress events near your location.

Overall WordPress is constantly evolving with each update. Managing your own website has never been so easy. Contact us today to build your custom WordPress website design. We make sure the design is 100% to your satisfaction.

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Pearl White Media provides SEO services to all types of businesses. We help businesses reach the top of the search engines through well-researched and efficient SEO consulting. Our affordable SEO packages are geared to help businesses from any industry.

First step is we do a full analysis of your website, discuss your needs and then allocate the proper key words and key phrases to your SEO plan. Proper search engine optimization can help your company rise up on the search engines, which will bring you more traffic to your website.

Your customers may never find you if you are targeting the wrong keywords. The proper optimization of your website can dramatically increase your presence and boost online sales. By increasing link popularity and quality backlinks this is an important way for attaining top search engine placement. Pearl White Media will create inbound links to your website from reputed websites. These are used as a signal for a website’s popularity thus helping them appear higher in the search engines.

Contact an SEO Expert Today and Boost Your Website to the Top!
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