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Chris Cornell and Eddie back in 1992.

Photo: Lance Mercer
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Soundgarden has a new song out after 15 years of silence.
Caralho amor a primeira vista !! Lindo HOMEM !!
I married was not married to you is beautiful it was love at first sight!
Debati esta mensagem com 1 pessoa num hangout.
ich liebe Eddie !!!
I just put 2 and 2 and got this= that was 20 years ago, I was 25 then. Boy time flys by.
That girl is probably in her late 20's now. Time flies.
Existe uma banda que gravou uma música com o nome que está no ônibus:Eagles.
Ted Orr
Que tal se todos os brasileiros agissem de igual modo, como ficaria as contas corrente dos nossos politicos? kkkk (igual as nossas)
one of the greatest band that ever hit the raidio waves. pearl jam rules!!! :)
Same year I saw them both at Lollapalooza! Ah good times!
Eddie... sing for us "Jeremy"...
This picture is the terminology of the word "Awesomesause".
I dont mind stealing bread!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooh I dont minnnnd!!!!
Sou apaixonada pelo Eddie!!!!
é meu Taina shaushaushuas zuas quem mim dera !!
1992...When life was easy...
I was at that age where I thought I knew everything and knew nothing at all. At least I had great music to learn life lessons to.
+jenn medendorp good point. The old if I knew now what I knew then. Everyone makes mistakes but these artists had a depth of emotion that was easy to relate to no matter how troubled you were and many of their songs contained wisdom so like you said definitely made my life better
+Abbey Huffman that is Chris Cornell on the left from Temple of the Dog,Soundgarden,Audioslave and some solo work and Soundgarden again. He used to room w Andrew Wood who was the singer for Mother Love Bone who passed away. Then Chris sang a Tribute album w remaining members and 1 song w Eddie. Then Vedder joined the remaining members to create Pearl Jam. The rest is history as both artists are legendary and Andrew had a nice but sadly short run.
+John Ventura I remember after a boyfriend broke up with me, singing Black over and over again, while staring out of my window. I wonder what newer songs they have for kids to do that to now? I'm sure they are out there, I love current music, I just don't get that feeling from what I've heard.
Oh wow! I had the same thing after a girl broke up w me! only I was 21 and Black wasn't new anymore. Still I wore it out on the jukebox for a solid month. "I know someday you'll have a beautiful life..." Powerful. I am eclectic w music and w the internet anyone can listen to anything/anytime so its tecnically better if you want underground or old school you can find it. Still Clearchannel communications runs the radio and artists sell their songs to commercials and its starting to get superficial and stagnant like when Nirvana blew the doors off back in 91' Like American Idol where artists are desperately trying to please the crowd instead of making music that is deeply personal to satisfy their own artistic need for expression.
I remember we were getting a "scene" in SF. Bands like Primus, Faith No More, Fungo Mungo were playing clubs. There was Janes Addiction, Chili peppers BSSM hit. It was like something was building. Then the video played for Nirvana Smells like teen spirit video came on Mtv (remember they played music.) I went to the record store to get the CD, and I saw the Pearl Jam 10 CD. Remember the listening stations? I listened to the intro and bought it.I was totally stoked. I was the total party girl back then, and they played the New Years show in SF opening for RHCP. It was Pearl Jam,Nirvana and RHCP! That show was so awesome. We had a hotel party afterwards. I can't believe I remember all this. If I could be transported back in time, it would be to that concert. I loved it then, I would appreciate it more now.
I liked SF. Awesome scene. I love Primus and RHCP. MTV was cool. I killed some time at the listening stations. They still have them at a couple places. That show sounds great! Have you looked it up on Vevo or Youtube? Sounds like you had some fun times and some great memories! I never saw them in person and BSSM was a great album. Tell me about Fungo Mungo cause I don't know anything about them.
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