Getting my online stuff in shape for the new year!

I’ve got a new years resolution to get my online and offline life more organized. I’m a bit of a hoarder so I’ve already spent the last two days re-organizing shelves in my home and purging people/brands I follow on Twitter. I went from 550+ accounts followed to just slightly above 200 now -- Phew! Having a cleaned up feed is making a huge difference to its readability and enjoyment.

Twitter is something that fell to the wayside for me after I discovered Google+ and I really don’t post to Twitter that often anymore but +Brandon Flowers (being more of a Twitter person, see @headwinds) asked me to give some love back to Twitter. So while I’m not a big fan of automatic cross-posts, more than a few people have approved so over the next bit I’ll see how this cross-posting experiment goes.

So if you follow @androidsNsheep on Twitter while also following me here, go ahead and unfollow me from Twitter to avoid noise. Don’t worry, I won’t be offended! I’ll probably still use Twitter during live events (e.g. #swtoronto, #ladieslearningcode) but those tweets are best enjoyed in context via a hashtag search so I don’t think you’ll miss out on much.

Of course, those invested in Twitter still haven’t figured out Google+ or how to make it useful for them so while I can’t offer up any kind of secret sauce, I thought that I would summarize my last 6 months of G+ via a blog post.[1]

Happy holidays and good luck on those new years resolutions! ;)
[1] Posted as a blog entry so I can hyperlink and place inline images inside the post.
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