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Getting my online stuff in shape for the new year!

I’ve got a new years resolution to get my online and offline life more organized. I’m a bit of a hoarder so I’ve already spent the last two days re-organizing shelves in my home and purging people/brands I follow on Twitter. I went from 550+ accounts followed to just slightly above 200 now -- Phew! Having a cleaned up feed is making a huge difference to its readability and enjoyment.

Twitter is something that fell to the wayside for me after I discovered Google+ and I really don’t post to Twitter that often anymore but +Brandon Flowers (being more of a Twitter person, see @headwinds) asked me to give some love back to Twitter. So while I’m not a big fan of automatic cross-posts, more than a few people have approved so over the next bit I’ll see how this cross-posting experiment goes.

So if you follow @androidsNsheep on Twitter while also following me here, go ahead and unfollow me from Twitter to avoid noise. Don’t worry, I won’t be offended! I’ll probably still use Twitter during live events (e.g. #swtoronto, #ladieslearningcode) but those tweets are best enjoyed in context via a hashtag search so I don’t think you’ll miss out on much.

Of course, those invested in Twitter still haven’t figured out Google+ or how to make it useful for them so while I can’t offer up any kind of secret sauce, I thought that I would summarize my last 6 months of G+ via a blog post.[1]

Happy holidays and good luck on those new years resolutions! ;)
[1] Posted as a blog entry so I can hyperlink and place inline images inside the post.
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Digital Purge! Its nice eh? You feel way better when you're done. I find also doing a media purge and backup ever few months helps as well.
the twitter client really fails the power user - why can't we just mute or muzzle people? why do we have to unfollow them? Although turning people off probably means you won't ever turn them on again ;-D perhaps to unfollow is the only way. I wish the twitter client had a few more simple power filters to manage this signal to noise ratio beyond custom lists. You probably have something there -- 200 does seem like a manageable number if you get a good cross section of people or do you follow only technologists? Do use any twitter-focussed analytics tool to peer into this pool? something like these ?!
Also do you really a personal website in 2012? When I first saw how you created your profile in google+ I actually don't need a website anymore. Are we still clinging to old tech?
I think personal websites and portfolio sites are still relevant. Clients always ask for my portfolio link, and having a sandbox to tool around in is a nice thing. Its also a platform to amalgamate all your social things, if that's what you wish.

That being said, I think other kinds of hosted services are now very robust, so it really just comes down to personal preference.
+Brandon Flowers The micro format of Twitter is both it's advantage and disadvantage. I like it when people use it to post things that they are currently doing. But links to blog or news articles were making Twitter into a wasteland of URLs that I never clicked. (I feel bad every time I cross-post and add yet another URL to the wasteland....)

I use to use Twitter to follow news sites (instead of RSS) so they were the first things to get moved off my main Twitter stream. Brands and products (e.g. mostly PR-related posts) got shuffled into a Twitter list too. From there, I mostly just tried to keep it to people I've met in real life and a select few "industry celebrities".

As for the death of the personal website, if you're just using Wordpress or Blogger as a blog platform, I think you could easily axe it if you're willing to build the audience within Google+. The network effect of G+ makes it very, very easy to get your content out there and it far outweighs the disadvantage of not being able to style/format the content.

However, if you make money off writing (e.g. advertising), it might be hard to give up on having a personal website. I don't think G+ has really addressed business needs yet. I've got a brand page for Karma Laboratory up but I'm far from being satisfied with it.
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