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I couldn't find my phone last night before retiring to bed. I searched and searched and came to the conclusion that it either got lost at a restaurant or it fell out in the car of my ride. Either way, the uncertainty was worrying and I was not looking forward to trying to hunt it down the next morning.

However, Google Latitude and its history feature to the rescue! Hey phone, there you are!

I also enjoy the playback feature... Since I work from home I don't often need to leave my neighbourhood but yesterday I (and my phone) were all over the city.
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One app: Cerberus would have tracked it immediately for you :)

Glad you found it though, I wouldn't have been able to sleep!
+Grace Carlyle I did purchase Cerberus but I actually had to factory reset my phone a week ago so I had the bare minimum of apps installed.
Strange my map always looks different , because it even with GPS ON it always shows me at the tower that I pick my signal from. 

I could never trace route that would make sense. Did you do anything different to get the map you posted.
+Shripad Karodi Nope. It's just a screengrab from the desktop browser. When I actually zoom in, I can tell that it's not always accurate but it's close depending on whether it's using GPS or a-GPS
Yikes. There's a feature I wouldn't use. Call me a luddite but I don't think I'd want people to know my location 24/7. Kind of too friendly. 
I mean, i wouldn't turn it on to begin with. Login or not. 
I find myself really quite enjoying the Latitude history feature on my phone; I don't share the information with friends or make it public, but it is fun to flick back through the history to see where I've been. The Dashboard feature's quite cool too via browser.

(Although Latitude via a PC seems to be down this evening...?)
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