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#DIY #electronics : Somebody please mix up a huge batch of this conductive ink and send it my way!

I can see this being great for teaching electronics. I always tell my students to think about drawing circles/loops when they wire up their circuits on a breadboard. Would be cool to actually draw the circuits before moving onto breadboards (which are more abstract).

//via +Scott Janousek
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::ponders uses for conductive fountain pen ink::
Btw, the graphite in pencils are also conductive (so making pencil-based circuits are currently possible) but you really have to lay down a heavy layer.
Back in the days of AMD Athlon overclocking we used to use a pencil to connect some traces on the chip itself to change it's frequency... those were the days ;)
Ya... I'd love to get my hands on this.
This is REALLY cool!!! Some very creative ideas spring to mind, not only from a teaching perspective, but also from a mock-up angle as well! Love it!
That's pretty substantial resistance, so the ink isn't an ideal conductor. You'd have to account for that in your design.
+Dean Reimer 20 ohms sounds wonderful to me. Some conductive threads have much higher resistance (30 typical, upwards to 80 ohm).
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