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Seriously, Klout? Do you know nothing of me?

Cannot find the "Delete Account" option anywhere either...
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would love to see how that algorithm works -

waiting for them to deliver me a bacon sandwich with extra meat sauce
Heh there's maybe no delete account but you can tell them you're not an expert. They also thought I was an expert in Switzerland a while ago. (Well, I've been there for a couple days.)
"Influential" from your single post about air display.. and it was'nt even an ipad.. take what you get (if its free)
Klout is ridiculous. I've been influential about "money" since they introduced this feature and I've no clue why! I think it's just a random algorithm.
I kind of liked it when I became influential in Lightning (feel free to game the system and give me +K's for that!) for giving a lightning talk (not on lightning, for the record).
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