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Is this seriously what I need to do to move iPhone (synced via iTunes) data from one computer to a new one???

That's asinine.
How to Sync an iPhone to a New Computer Without Losing Data
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It just works, Pearl, It
That's why the guys at the bar are 'Geniuses'
I just want to get photos off of it! It's not even syncing to my old computer. grrrrrr
+Pearl Chen When I was switching out of my old iPhone, I just emailed the photos. I know it's a pain, but w/ do what you have to do. I really hope things have changed since then.
+Anuj Ahooja I remember that I had to do something finicky to even get iCloud photo syncing in the first place... but what was it?

And it's 280 photos/videos from making my NFC phone case tutorial...... At this rate, it's easier for me to just re-down then from!
Hm...I'm pretty sure there's some sort of iPhone photo-pulling software. Can't remember what it is now...will need to look into it.

Apparently there's this program called "iPhoto" that I need to open up and import all my photos that way. It makes me feel better that it means it will lock away all my photos away into their sneaky folder instead of just letting me get at it. (Cuz I might screw something up, ya know!)
Kevin F
+Michael Kendle Exactly... +Android does not have that problem. I did not even realize iphone syncing between PCs was such a problem. I feel for apple users, I really do.
+Pearl Chen I really want to laugh a lot.... I'm sorry but Android just doesn't have this problem.
+Kevin F It was moving stuff from my old Windows machine to my newer MacAir. Don't know if it would have been any easier going Mac to Mac

+Derek Ross Don't I know it. Don't I know it.... Instant Upload is a godsend. Otherwise, it's not like "mount phone as harddrive" is that hard of a concept to grasp.
Btw, I'm only using this iPhone right now for Snapguide. It's becoming my Instagram, I guess.
I'm pretty sure that I can lose any hardware at any time and never worry about my data. Everything is backed up to at least one cloud service. One of the great conveniences of the internet.
Kevin F
I can't roll like that... I have data that I just can not lose... That is why I run with daily backups that sync to my Linux NAS (it has disk protection raid 5 with hotspare) and uploads to my 250GB web hosting service and I have UPS battery protection on every PC.

I work with high end servers on a daily basis so the horror stories I see with clients make me crazy paranoid.
tis why I'm an Android guy now, I got sick of fighting with iTunes interaction with my device.
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