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Hmmm, a $499 + 9.99 external monitor. That's double the price of my 22" Dell monitor but it sounds handy. Makes me wonder how well this app works though....

Mac OS (and especially Lion) is not the most logical OS for dual screen use. Example: Hook up to an external monitor and make an app go full-screen. It essentially turns one of your screens into a unusable, wallpaper-lined screen.

Is there something similar for Android tablets?
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That's true about full-screen on MacOS, though you can shift-click on the expand (+) button to maximise the app in both dimensions. Also, I'm glad that video these days works nicely on dual-screen mode (clicking anywhere on the other screen used to kill full-screen mode). This is true in all of HTML5, Flash, and Silverlight.

And since I'm sitting here right now with an iPad on the desk and way too many windows open, you just made me install Air Display! Even if it's a lame old retina-less model :D It's not so useful if you have an external monitor, but would be really nice trying to work while travelling.
+Michael Mahemoff oh wow, thanks for the Shift-Click tip! The maximize button always annoyed me because it never really "maximized"... but now I know! (Only took me 2 years, sheesh.)

Tell me how Air Display goes. Casual surfing is fine on one screen but I don't know how anyone codes with only one screen. I always have a browser window with API documentation sitting open that I want to refer to.

(And another browser window with the website that I'm building... And Chrome inspector... Hmm, I really could use 3 monitors now that I think of it.)
Actually I'm not sure it works as a 3rd monitor. Haven't bothered to reboot after installing (as you're meant to), but so far it's only working as a keyboard or mouse, but not as a display. Still, happy to have this for travel.
I'm buying my first Mac in a couple days and looking forward to trying this. I'll let you know how it goes.
Air Display works well on Android. I've used it as a remote control for a presentation with a Galaxy Tab 8.9. Responsive on pretty much every phone I have access to, with the exception of the N1.

(also, the moment you get 3 screens, you'll want 4...)
+Michael Kwan I'm going to give it a try tomorrow. thanks for the heads up!

And I'm way ahead of you... I already use my 7" tablet as my table top Google Music player and occasionally I remote desktop into my Win 7 machine (also hooked up to an external monitor) and throw stuff up on that screen. I'm looking forward to the day that I can wallpaper my home with cheap, flexible screens... ;)
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