I was surprised with how many gold stars I gave out for NFC support after going through everyone's API docs today. Of course, I love +Android but +Nokia totally rocks for pioneering it and really pushing it forward.

Even +BlackBerry is in the game now. +Windows Phone 7 has confirmed devices and rumoured p2p support but no announced API yet.

So iPhone, you're slacking. The next device better ship with NFC hardware and your API better be full featured.

Some legend notes:
(1) Mobile wallet support is greyed out because it depends on region and carrier.
(2) Nokia gets full star for Bluetooth pairing because they manufacturer smart tag enabled headsets and speakers so they have a full stack. Android and BlackBerry support is there but it depends on the Bluetooth device to have a tag built-in or added (which really isn't that hard, I think).
(3) The question marks are for features I couldn't figure out from the API docs. With Android Beam, an app will launch Google Play if not installed so I don't know what Symbian or BlackBerry does. If you know, tell me and I'll update.
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