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Payment Application Made Easy for Excel (Paymee)
Payment Application Made Easy for Excel (Paymee) - Construction Contractor Billing Software.
Payment Application Made Easy for Excel (Paymee) - Construction Contractor Billing Software.

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We just released Paymee version 4.22. This version contains a better install mechanism as many Users were reporting that Paymee was not showing in Excel.

To get latest refer to:

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We recently released version 4.15. This adds compatibility with Windows 2010 and Office 2016 (version 16).

This is a free update for version 4 license holders. To update simply install latest from:

...uninstall of prior is not necessary (this would remove your license).

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We released version 4.14 over the weekend. This release:
-Fixes issues with num-lock turning off 
-Automatically adjusts values to be equal to the nearest penny or dollar to avoid values that are unseen fractions
-fixes other minor issues.

This release is free for version 4 Users. To get latest:

Note: no need to uninstall prior (this would remove your license). Simply install latest

Just went live with a redesigned website. is now cleaner, faster and fully responsive for viewing on any size device!

Feedback welcome!

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Users are reporting that a recent Microsoft Update seems to have broken Paymee.  If you receive any errors on opening please see Troubleshooting #2 here for a fix:

Latest version of Paymee is 4.11 (released in 2013).  If your running an older version (see 'About Paymee'), consider upgrading.  To get latest see:

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Just released version 4.10 of Paymee.
Release Notes:
1) This release fixes issues with Excel 2007 instability when selecting Print Options.

2) This also makes the 'Export as... Locked' Window resizable.

3) Version 4 Updates are free for all v4 license holders.

4) To get latest version 4.10 simply download and install from:

5) Note: Do Not uninstall prior version (Installer overwrites accordingly). Doing so will delete your license (you would then need to re-enter your license code).
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