Google to announce five Android 5.0 devices, one tablet in June
Several stories on the web combined seem to confirm that Google will announce Android 5.0 on multiple devices and start selling these directly to consumers.

One of them is expected to have the Samsung Exynos 5250 dualcore CPU with an Mali T604 graphics module, making it the fastest phone or more likely, tablet on the market. The rumor is solid as code was found on Google´s own Github. As Google will ship a low priced tablet before the summer we can only wonder if this speed king will debut on a tablet or a very high end phone.

What´s new about Google´s new strategy?

- bypassing the providers and sell contract free directly through the Play Store means independency. fast to market and full control over the upgrade cycle which is one of the weak points of the Android system at the moment

- Android 5.0, aka Jelly Bean can be released in Oct/Nov on phones of several brands without the delay for customizations by the likes of HTC, Samsung etc. and without protests by providers who are still busy rolling out Android 4.0

- by choosing five instead of one Nexus supplier more of the current partners of Google will be happy. Expect to see a Motorola, Samsung (see below), LG, HTC and at least one of the huge Chinese brands ZTE and/or Huawei.

-worries by other vendors about the preferred role of Motorola will be mitigated this way and, very importantly, all the current investigations into Google´s market monopoly will not expand into its Android system.

The disadvantage for the new Nexus partners is that there is even less to differentiate so don´t be surprised if Samsung decides to run its own course and add its own TouchWiz interface.

Key to this strategy is that Android is currently outselling iOS at a fast rate for new smart phone users. In Europe the battle is already over with Android outselling iOS 2:1. Worldwide Apple is second place to Google and a direct online sales model will not only be more profitable, but it will also eliminate Android´s perceived weakness in fragmentation.

Google will profit by having an unified ad platform and even hardcore iOS developers will be willing to invest in Android 5.0 early on and stop releasing on Apple first when they have a unified platform with a much larger market share. (did you hear this Path, Flipboard, Cut the Rope, Cro Mag Rally developers?)

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