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BlipBlip v1.5.11 started rolling on #GooglePlay

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BlipBlip 1.5.0 beta released. It focuses mainly on improving reliability, but also adds new Audio focus option (e.g. for pausing background music).

See what’s new:
- Added Audio focus option (in Advanced settings) for muting or pausing background music or other audio when BlipBlip plays sound.
- Add “Prevent delays” feature that should increase reliability of the app on some devices (also “Alarm mode” is not longer required for Samsung users but is used for better battery efficiency).
- Enable Foreground service by default to prevent killing of the app (especially needed on some Asus, Lenovo and Sony devices. If disabled, please observe if app does not start to get killed - if yes, please enable again.
- Change default to show notification always (not only when app is active)
- Fixed notifications that would appear too early
- Fix vibration on Android wear
- Update Turkish translation (thanks Emre Yüksek!)
- Updated French translation (thanks René Schorter!)
- Various enhancements and bug fixes

Remember to follow BlipBlip page on Google+

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BlipBlip has been downloaded more than 100000 times!

You can now follow updates to BlipBlip app on Google+ page here
There is also Facebook page:
and twitter account:

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Please follow my #android #productivity #app BlipBlip on Google+ here

There is new version v1.4.18 available in beta. The most important change is much improved accuracy of notifications.

They might have been delayed on some devices by several minutes (e.g. Samsung). The only workaround was to enable either "Alarm mode" or "Light up screen on notification". In this new version Alarm mode will be disabled and won't be enabled automatically anymore.

There is new option in Reliability settings: "Prevent delays" to control this new function.
Also any notifications that would be previously too early will be delivered on time.
This function may potentially introduce some bugs, so please take note. Please check also your battery usage if there are any noticeable changes.
There are also other new options related to this feature added:
- Prevent delays aggressively (makes notifications more often accurate by using a little bit more battery - this is enabled by default to improve user experience)
- Ignore delayed notifications (If a delay happens you have now option to not ignore it. If the option is enabled it ignores notifications delayed more than 30 seconds. Even if Prevent delays or Alarm mode are enabled delays may still happen on some devices for very long delays)

New version of BlipBlip (1.4.5) should appear soon in beta channel.

There are several changes:
- Added new settings in Notification settings (you can now change title and description of notification). There were also many fixes to this menu.
- Added Reliability settings menu with additional option "Foreground service" (should be disabled to prevent app kill). This option replaces "Background service" option that was added in 1.4.0. Some settings from Advanced settings that affect app reliability has been moved to this menu.
- Added option to randomize notification time in Experimental settings
- Added Spanish translation (thanks Antonio Graterol)
- Other fixes

Questions? Comments? :)

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How much you like hourly chimes made by digital watches and wall clocks? This app brings such experience to Android. #gSrikar   #blog   #Android  

There is new beta version of BlipBlip available (1.4.0).

New version should be more stable (less app killed messages), because the process should no longer stay in background all the time. This is controlled by Background service option in Settings->Advanced settings->Notification settings which is by default disabled in new version (if you need old behavior you can re-enable it).

It also has initial Android Wear support - it is possible to enable vibration on smartwatches (you need to enable it in Notification settings).

If you find any issues or have some feedback, please let me know :)

There is small update to BlipBlip available (1.3.16 in beta) which contains addition of 20 minute period. I know that adding any period would be useful, but that has to wait to major release which is in the making.
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