Keeping the community safe and secure

We understand how much you value safety and security online. It's why we've built tools like comment moderation ( and hangout controls ( into Google+ to weed out bad behavior. But we're always looking to do better. Today we're excited to roll out new controls that will ensure our community remains a place where people look out for each other.

Reporting content in the stream
You’ll now have more options when reporting bad posts, comments, profiles or photos. This will mean we can deal with misconduct more quickly, and prevent abuse from happening again.

Reporting people in public hangouts
If you ignore someone in a hangout, we immediately mute their audio and video to keep you safe. Now when you report someone in a public hangout, we’ll also automatically record a small snippet and notify the room. We can then check for bad behavior—and once we've done that we’ll delete the clip. 

Thanks to millions of community members worldwide, Google+ is a secure and inspiring place to spend time. With today's improvements, and your help, we'll keep it that way.

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