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I could see it very well :)

Like left set had price well over 1100, while right is only 675 euros.

Left one is almost 3x times heavier - 1374g vs. 555g

Functions wise, could not even compare - RIGHT (Panasonic DMC-G3) has MUCH more features. My favorite is 20 fps "silent" shooting mode.

Result could be almost the same :)

Yet, for a serious shooting I would still select Canon ...
Congratulations on your new TOY.
I am still experimenting with my Canon 600D.
Thanks, Bharat.
I thought you already mastered it so much, that about to go for a better DSLR (like 5D Mk3).
It is almost a month, right?

Seriously, I think these "small' cameras are future and do not want to "miss a wagon".
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