RoWAN 0.1-x (early) beta is here. It's an unofficial release, pending the input from you (as  beta testers) and the  page on the Gigapxy website.

In a nutshell, RoWAN is a stream-tunnel  *server* for unicast/multicast streams and a platform for extension (HLS, DRM - the acronyms are many, it's up to you which ones the product would adopt).

A tester's license is needed to run, so please get one (via email, with the appropriate h/w key).

The packages can be found here:

A lengthy quote from rowan(1) manpage: 
RoWAN is a network-stream relay (server) over Wide Area Network.

RoWAN  is  a server that enables a video stream to cross over WAN, from a remote network to the site closest to consumers. Imagine, if you will, that a satellite dish (or any other source) is generating a feed to be served to clients hundreds of miles (kilometers) away. A network link must exist between the two endpoints, as long as there are  subscribers  to  the  feed.  This application's purpose is to establish and maintain a constant stream of data between two vastly separated endpoints, using the most suitable network protocols.

RoWAN considers maintaining a data stream (reading from point A and writing to B) as a single task.  At point A (source), the accepted protocols are:  HTTP  and  UDP,  at point B it's always UDP. Tasks are submitted either statically, via a file (where each line specifies a task), or dynamically, via HTTP request.
As  a  server,  RoWAN is designed to handle (simultaneously) as many tasks as machine resources would allow, add and remove tasks, report on the status, etc. For the complete list of features, please refer to the man pages of specific components.
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