The new Gigapxy build is here. After RC1 and a prolonged (yet shadowed) life of RC2 I felt that time had come to close the beta and officially begin version 1.x.

As it implies, 1.x is just the RC1 with a few changes (and many days of faultless run time) on top.

I've also made a few changes on the website, one of them - a  summary of important features on the relevant (features) page. Go visit and see if you know them all. :)

Happy 1.x to all of us!

Relevant changes:
#  Version 1.0 (Release 1.0):
* Thu Apr 21 2016 Pavel Cherenkov <>- 1.0-1.0 -   ADD: fea#229: B2P A-attribute for User-Agent;
-   ADD: fea#232: channel splitting using ng.pick_method for each client;
-   ADD: fea#215: 'reset' admin command, SIGUSR2 as kill-all signal for gng;
-   ADD: fea#233: URI encryption support dropped;
-   FIX: bug#252: gng's would not start when buffers are backed up by files;
-   FIX: bug#247: Added ng.no_rtp_strip flag to disable RTP parsing/stripping;
-   FIX: bug#234: LONG HTTP requests may cause gws crash;
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