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I think you need to tune up the name fetching algorithm a little 🙂
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Pavel Azroyan

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Now that you've added theme saving and importing to Flamingo, can we have the same option in Weather Timeline? I've switched phones recently and it's PITA to restore my custom theme. Thanks! 
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Pavel Azroyan

Acknowledged (don't post here)  - 
A little design nitpick I just noticed: reply screen and quote screen look basically the same. Maybe you could add "In reply to" like in the official app? I edited screenshot a little to show what I mean.
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Great idea 
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I've just noticed that you've broke cards padding a little in v29. They've used to be the same and now they're not.
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Pavel Azroyan

Discussion  - 
Hi. Any chance this app would support automatic check-ins in the future? That would be fantastic for casting TV shows.
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No plan for this currently
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Pavel Azroyan

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And then MRA58K images were posted on and I was imagining a few latecomers to the Marshmallow train this morning being all like...
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I think a have a reproducible bug with hiding toolbar.
First, go to a page where you can scroll, and hide the toolbar. Then you need to swipe to a page where you can't scroll, and scroll up. This should bring back the toolbar, and sometimes it does, but most often it either refreshes or the toolbar get stuck halfway.
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This should only happen if the page supports pull to refresh. In this case scrolling up will trigger a refresh instead of showing the toolbar. As a workaround scroll down a little, then scroll up.
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Small bug: when a tweet is retweeted, the app shows not the app tweet was sent from, but the app tweet was retweeted with. Pics as an example: first is opened from my profile, second is from DX profile.
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Will be fixed in the next version!
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Pavel Azroyan

Feature Suggestions  - 
Bug: the chained tweets in a dialog show only one image even though it contains two.

Edit: just tested some more and it seems no tweets show several images at all. I think it worked in the previous version.
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No same problem on previous version. Multiple images are not working. 
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Pavel Azroyan

General Discussion  - 
Suggestion: move the "Share Quote" button to text selection menu the way Medium app does it.

Also, you could try theming the selection, like making it pink, again, as Medium does it.
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Pavel Azroyan

Discussion  - 
I've got a suggestion about show shortcuts. Right now, they look pretty bad. If they are shaped according to official guidelines, they can both look better and fit the rest of the icons on the homescreen. They can be either folded in the middle or be flat, I've tried both variants and they both look OK. Should I create a UserVoice topic for this to be considered?

So yeah, I've created a topic here
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+SeriesGuide yay! Glad I helped :)
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Pavel Azroyan

Discussion  - 
A little question regarding syncing. I'm going offline for a week, if I disable Trakt sync for this period and then enable it later, will the app upload everything?
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Yeap, no offline support currently. Easiest way is to disconnect trakt, then connect it again if you go online as +John Hofmann said.

Connecting trakt triggers an upload of any episodes not watched/collected on trakt.
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