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Hello everyone! Thank you for all your kind messages over the last few days. I'm happy to announce that I'm back on the road, with my first stop in Russia tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing you all very soon!

Несмотря на запреты врачей, мои выступления в России обязательно состоятся. Мы встретимся с вами 22 июня в Санкт-Петербурге на фестивале "Trancemission" и 23 июня в Москве на "Gatecrasher". Россия для меня - особенное место!
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Hello Paul i love your music, really really fantastic !!!! mery greetings from Lima - Perú
enjoy it...good to see ya back !
Hey Paul I hear you and +Nick Durham may know each other! I have some of your stuff on vinyl ;)
right pose to show your gadgets and gizmos
crush and for and  for an ange!!!!!thats what i call  trance music!!!
and of course the silence remix|!!!
Are you scratching a New summerhit ? ;-)
Can I do a vocal edit to one of your songs?
I'm going on 60, awhile back I heard this music that just made sense, it was what one might call close to true. It was Paul Van Dyke, yaa you. Most excellent. I've been hooked ever sense. Now I have my own home studio, but my composition is certainly slower, but, I know how to alter tempo yaaa. peace brother.
you sweety .. you smile so lovely .. :D
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