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Make sure to follow if you want to hear about the latest on ships2
Inching forward with ships 2. I might again spend too much time "testing" The new land water system works perfectly. Here I am touring the canals of Amsterdam in the Netherlands in a canal cruise boat. This ship physics for this vessel are totally different from a river barge or cruise ship. This boat doesn't have a bow thruster but it is fairly lightweight so it responds to the controls much quicker.

It needs to be cause you will steer the boat through the intricate network of canals in Amsterdam. The detailed intricate land water data ensures that land / water detection is immaculate.

I am so keen to release this ship simulator. It will blow your mind but it needs to be polished and perfect.
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Paul van Dinther

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Calling for experienced ship crews.

Experienced skippers rank of captain down to third officer familiar with Azipod driven ships the size of a river barge and up.

The new Ship2 simulator is nearing completion and I am keen for experienced crews to provide feedback on the new ship physics.

Currently I have a large single azipod river barge with bow thruster to try out and the massive "Oasis of the seas" cruise ship with three azipods and bow thrusters.

Apply here in the comments below: listing your rank and experience and I will get back to you.
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Video impressions from the Routeburn track in New Zealand shot on my Galaxy S3 phone
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Enjoyed watching your Video Paul!Beautiful track!
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Paul van Dinther

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Maybe this entices some readers to find out more about this.
Reason is a code I live by. Both as a person but also as a professional programmer.
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Today another 6 hour 16km hike through the subtropic rain forest west of Auckland. It seems every walk is better then the previous one. I think we are ready for our big 3 day walk next week through the Southern Alps in the South Island.
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Looks wonderful! 
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Paul van Dinther

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IT Swamp

While everyone is celebrating the "cloud" and its easy to access cloud based services we can draw on as developers, I raise my eyebrows just a tad and wonder if it is really all it is made out to be.

Sorry for the long writeup but I don't do Twitter.

Over the past weeks I have been scrambling re-wiring software that is not even released because a cloud based service that choose to I rely on suddenly changed their business model and as per 1 May 2014 it is no longer interested dealing with a small player like me.

This is not unusual but this week is pretty bad. I had two. First the Cloud Made Map service decided to simply ditch their offerings to small players and go cooperate and this week Dynamic DNS decided to stop offering their free dynamic DNS service. It this case a few bucks solves the problem... for now... but I can't help feeling vulnerable.

In the past as a Windows developer I needed to deal with relatively stagnant windows technology. Not the smoothest development platform in the world but highly advanced IDE's from companies such as Borland made it all very doable. We were productive. And once an application rolled out it worked this year, next year and many years after without much trouble.

The reason is simple. Microsoft was the only major technology provider and as such highly motivated not to break things (too badly). Many Windows applications written 10 years ago still run today unchanged!

Fast forward to today's "cloud". The name is quite appropriate because it sure is fluffy, erratic and highly dynamic. We write applications against a collection technology platforms that constantly evolve. Our web app needs to deal with back-ends such as Ruby on Rails which in turn relies and a massive raft of weirdly named libraries that all seem to update at least once a day. Meanwhile front end code run on many browsers and platforms that all produce different results on the same set of code. The browsers change all the time too. Policies change. Plugins are just about gone. Flash is no longer the web page darling and meanwhile we go through fast iterations of HTML5 and CSS3 or is it 4 now?

But never mind that, libraries such as jQuery will streamline all this for us. If you use the right version of course. Are you getting the picture?

But web applications also tap into external service providers each with their own API. Think of Google Maps, Dropbox, Facebook etc. All these API's are also subject to constant change. Every major IT company rushes to provide their services to the cloud eager to get developers to take up their technology.

What few clients realize is that cloud based software development is based on a highly fragile ecosystem of technologies. Developers are nowhere near as proficient with the technologies available as was once the case because it shifts so fast. They spend a lot of time learning new stuff, asking questions on forums in the hope someone figured things out because you can forget about documentation. there is no time for that.

As a result we now work with tools that can't even try to compete with Visual Studio or Borland Delphi. A lot of the time real-time debugging is simply not possible. We spend more time trying to figure out how to turn conceptual solutions into actual code and even more time figuring out why it doesn't work.

And I have not even started to talk about testing the software. Many browser, platforms etc. Testing takes a lot of time and once the application is rolled out... wait for it... 3....2....1...beng broken!

Some API just changed, a browser updated and everything turns to custard. Welcome to the Cloud. It sure keeps us IT dudes in business but does it serve the client?

(Feel free to copy and redistribute with attribution)
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You simply can't have a business model completely dependent on third parties. Look how that went for the "buildings for Google Earth" crowd...
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Super low tide this morning at 6am so at 5am me and my mate ventured out to climb along the rocks in the moon light in order to get to some otherwise inaccessible beaches.

Kinda magic at such early hour with lot's of crabs and other wild life wondering about such early visitors.

Unfortunately a water filled cave blocked our path and despite the 1 meter wave forecast the water really was too rough to swim across so instead we went up the cliff. Amazing views of "Bethells beach" my favorite beach I had not seen before.

And all this in our backyard, Auckland - New Zealand
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Some landscape photos of my 3 day hike in the Southern Alps last week. These photos are made on the Routeburn track in New Zealand
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All shot on the S3 Willem. Check out this vid. Also shot on the phone:
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Paul van Dinther

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A little reminder, if you wish to follow the Geo related posts you do better to move over to

Otherwise you be suffering my posts about hiking, politics and cats (The cats are just to chase you over to the planetinaction page)
For a project I am working on I need to process millions of points. However, it is too slow to get all these points to the browser and that is why I need a path optimizing algorithm.

The idea is to remove less important points and be left with an approximation of the path closely resembling the original but with a minimum of points.

While testing the existing methods I found none that I was satisfied with so I sat down and thought it all through and came up with a solution that I am rather happy with.

So I sat down and looked at the problem slightly differently. Rather then looking at this as a geometry problem, I looked the path as the result of a physics problem. By applying physics behavior of the objects that produced the path, intelligent predictions can be made that help to place the points where they are most important.

The result is my "DPD Path Optimizer" algorithm that needs three times less points then a Douglas Peucker algorithm while it follows the original path more closely.

This was a great day in the office  :-)
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+Thomas Anderson No, it is a pure point optimizer. 
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I want to share my posts between the big social networks so my friends on Google Plus and my family on Facebook get to see it. This is possible everywhere except at  Google Plus and Facebook. This needs to change.

Help by sharing this post as widely as possible.
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tweetdeck allows you to ping to both and different accounts
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Software development / Proof of concept inventions
Javascript, HTML5, Google Earth and maps API, JSON, XML, PHP, Ruby on Rails. Delphi on Win32 API. Electronics and hardware design. I/O solutions. Extreme Highres display systems and content. Applied math for simulation solutions.
  • Dinther Product Design Ltd
    Software development / Proof Of Concept Inventions, present
    My own business since 2006. Over this period I designed countless software solutions for a wide range of clients. Work involves solutions design, research, coding, implementation and support.
Hi, I am Paul, madly motivated by ideas and they don't even need to be mine.

Some people make the earth move, others go along for the ride. I like to be in the first group.

Thanks to my previous career as an airline pilot I got to love simulation technology. Not just flight simulators but any kind of simulation. As such I have build a range of innovative simulation products that range from Aircraft pushback simulators to Bronchoscope simulators and more recently digital museum exhibits.

Over the last few years I have also spend a lot of my time generating ideas to use Google Earth in new and innovative ways. This resulted in close relationships with the Google Earth Engineers and even the honour of a few weeks working along side them in their Mountain view head office.

You can check out some of the results of my Google Earth work on 

Bragging rights
Sailing, music such as harmonica and keyboards. I used to fly Boeing 737 aircraft in Indonesia, wrote youtube brand channel games in less then 2 weeks for a big name movie studio . On top of my list of bragging rights is the fact I worked on Google code at the Google headquarters and from my office in New Zealand.
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