Use Different Styles For Different Internet Explorer Versions

If you ever built a website before then you will know the problems you face with trying to cater for all the different versions of IE. The problem with IE is that the browser does not behave the same way as the other browsers, but to make it worse the different IE browsers can behave differently. This is why it’s important to be able to not only test your website on the latest version of IE but for all the previous IE versions which are still currently in use.

At the moment the lowest version browser which is still supported is version IE6…they are currently in IE version 10 beta.

IE6 is a 10 year old browser and with the rapid changing world of the web you can easily see how IE6 will not be able to support most of the modern web standards and can certainly not support CSS3 and HTML5. For this reason if you want the website to be usable in IE6 and the other versions then you need to make sure you have different styles for the different internet explorer versions.

Internet Explorer Hacks
There are a few hacks you can put in your CSS to do different things in each browser.

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