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Pauline Sweetman
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Beautiful notion....
Apparently this is what our sky "might" look like once our galaxy and Andromeda start to collide in about 4 billion years.  In Star Wars on Tatooine, you got two suns.  But who needs a second sun when you have a galaxy in your night sky?
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Pauline Sweetman

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An important matter, of significance to every one of us.....
I know that there are only a few of us, but if we each share this, it may well get a decent audience.
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Pauline Sweetman

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Our thoughts go to every family who lost a loved one #guncontrol #newtown
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Having just watched yet another TV ad promoting an over-priced blender to 'help us eat our antioxidants' I did a quick Google on 'antioxidant theory discredited' and came up with this: 
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I have already overdosed on dietary re-direction, this illustrates why I was right to be skeptical, but maybe that means I end up being wrong too.  Any theory that boils down to one word on a jar is likely to be overly simplistic, so a balanced diet of pork pies and beer still has its place one day a week.
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Pauline Sweetman

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thnx xo luv ma frnd
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Pauline Sweetman

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Kudos, Jimmy Carter
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Scientist. Specialist consultant in electronic prescribing systems. Health informatics pharmacist. Problem solver.
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Thinking and working globally. Travelling a lot. Working hard. Having fun.
Scientist, pharmacist, skeptic, photographer, following and sharing a ragbag of health, politics, anti-quackery, anti-woo and pro-science information.

I have published a primer containing helpful tips and hints for those of you who are new to Google+.

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