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Paulie Zink
Yin Yoga Founder
Yin Yoga Founder


100 hour YIN YOGA TEACHER CERTIFICATION in MINNEAPOLIS- Learn the true art of Yin yoga: gads of postures and variations! experience the embodiment of each of the five elements and how to flow with the intuitive heart and teach the full and deep art of Yin as it is intended.
Session 1 Sat-Fri, March 9-15, 2019
Session 2 Sat-Fri, August 10-16, 2019
Cost: $1350 per session with early bird registration

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Yin Yoga in action: Paulie performing a Monkey Kung fu form at the Long Beach International Karate Championships in the early 1980's. Paulie won the Grand Championships three years in a row.

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Yin Yoga on the Prairie
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