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I'd stumbled across the same shot a couple months ago and showed Emma. She thought it was hysterical. And then tried to figure out how the guy did it...
Per the article: "Jason Freeny, the artist behind this sculpted vivisection, details the process on his Facebook page, showing the use of an off the shelf Lego toy, sculpting clay, and some very, very meticulous work."

I had been thinking that the internals might have been 3d printed. In any case, you still have to cut the toy open to place the guts -- I imagine a band saw with the toy mounted in a custom jig to stabilize it.

What did Emma decide?
Pretty much the same. I think the guy started with a very large minifig light, not one of the teeny ones. Bandsaw it open then used polymer clay for internals.

He did Hello Kitty too. :D It rocked.
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