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This is a favorite "couple," even though I've never personally met Ford, I feel as though I know him. Anybody that loves Irene even more than I love her has got to be one amazing man (and that Irene would love, likewise). They're smart, funny and always have a story to tell, whether it's written down or verbalized. Thank you for being in my life for more than 40 years Irene - and thank you for loving this extremely loveable woman Ford!

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Please help all sarcoidosis sufferers by signing this petition!!  The world needs to understand more about this often fatal disease!!

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Some of my favorite Google themes. (always has been, always will be). (awesome colors that don't get in the way) (I love the loneliness of the tree but the explosion of color around it) (no words needed) (what can I say?  I'm still a girl at heart!) (PINK, RAINDDROPS!!) (sophistication)

I could go on and on, but since I'm sure I've lost all my audience by now, I think I'll quit!


Paula Rose ♥
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