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The world, she hates the artificial flavors and she hates the natural flavors.
Your Strawberries & Creme frappuchino will no longer feature a splash of bug – enough customers didn’t want to slurp crushed cochineal insects that Starbucks Corp. is ditching the red dye used i...
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It's not for flavoring. It was for color only. So, the world just can't handle a strawberry quick flavored drink that isn't pink! A very good question brought up on the radio last week: "If they used real strawberries to flavor the drink, shouldn't it be pink anyway? Why would they need to add coloring at all?" Folks are unhappy that the natural color additive needed to color their artificially flavored drink is made of bugs.
I dunno, I make fruit smoothies a lot and they're never really pink. You'd have to use quite a lot of strawberries to get it that pink. It usually comes out kind of pinky/purply gray. I just think the whole thing is silly.
I think that's the point right? The interesting thing isn't that people have issues with what was used to make the coloring. It's that people won't accept a strawberry drink unless it LOOKS pink even though any naturally flavored strawberry drink WOULD NOT look pink.