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Paul Young
Salesforce expert with a love for data analytics. Android true believer, Linux early adopter, sales guy. Catholic.
Salesforce expert with a love for data analytics. Android true believer, Linux early adopter, sales guy. Catholic.

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H/T to +Jeff Marlett for this excellent article.

Cross one 2017 goal off my list:

Use the word "machination" in a written communication at work.

My prediction for the hottest trend of 2017.

If you thought man-buns were bad, wait until you see "The Manpon".

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Nicely done, Amazon.

The Good: I almost bagged a big, multi point buck deer this morning.

The Bad: At the time, I was driving my Ford Focus back from the gym.

Been so long since I was on here. How do view just one circle on the mobile? On the desktop? 

Claire and I have a strong, happy marriage, but there are some actions that are just nearly unforgivable. When she gets home from work tonight, we're having a heart to heart talk about her putting all glitter covered ornaments on the Christmas tree.

I'm pretty sure that in 30 years as the priest administers last rites to me, he'll go to anoint me and he'll pause for second, as he notices a bit of glitter on my forehead.

Pragmatism for the win!

Just went to the [Redacted] Urgent Care. I've had a cold and cough that I just couldn't seem to kick for two+ weeks and the cough and general weakness has been getting worse.

Nurse practitioner said, "From your history and exam, I'm 98% positive you an early, mild, pneumonia going on there. I can give you something for the cough and a strong antibiotic that'll clear it up in a few days. Only problem is, if I use the code for pneumonia, the system won't let me prescribe you anything and I have to refer you to the ER."

I replied, "Ma'am, I don't care if you put down a diagnosis of crabs, but I'd like to avoid spending the next 12 hours sitting next to Ebola patients in the ER."
Bless her heart, I left five minutes later with a diagnosis of bronchitis and two prescriptions. :-)

I can never remember. How does that go? "Feed a fever, keep pressure on an arterial bleed?"

I just took a full on face full of raw turkey blood and gore. I feel like I should be mashing the big, red button in the level 4 bio-containment lab, while I crash out the emergency exit and pull the drench handle in the disinfectant shower.
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