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Magazine shoot : Anna

Some images lie closer to my heart than other. This is one of them. I shoot ambient light only and so to find a place where i could rim-light her hair and create contrasts to bring out Anna's feature elevated this image in my heart

Hope you enjoy it to....
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love the ambient light and reflection of black over white
Great image! Perfect lighting and an expression of the very well captured
I like! good work, good portrait and beautiful Anna!
Favourite image of the week. Delightful.
Вы превзошли себя!!!
amazing shot, like the minimal use of light here
Great light, great picture. By the way, in may opinion your whole portfolio is impressive!
+JC Sors and thank you , as always :) ! ps thanks for the share
+Darolyn BrooksLemon thanks for the comments
+Sherrie von Sternberg Big Leo Smile and thanks for the share :)
+Adde Adesokan thank you, she is so cool in front of the camera !
+Mukesh Berry thank you for your comment and insight:)
+Josep-Maria Robert thank you my friend, means a lot to me.
+sas mo Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch zu schauen und sich über alle Rückmeldungen
+Brundizzle Bee :)
+marianna orlova Классическая музыка, очень похож на вас
+Pavel Plic thank you :)
+Lynn Hatch Yes, Anna is an Angel
+Laura Harding Thank you for the honour, a compliment i really appreciate
+Olga Kafka Спасибо, все еще пытается догнать вас!
+Marija Falina thank you for your cool comment :)
+Cornel Krämer thanks for the comment, and thank you for taking time to view my portfolio, think you can be my manager ! :)
Beautiful, beautiful portrait.
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