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did you finish then boy?
sorry for disturbing you bike ride - forgot you were doing it!
thought had caught you with your pants down as sounded out of breath!
Yeah...was absolutely knackering!
Had glorious weather 2nd day when we were expecting rain and head winds....neither showed up.

£60 In Diesel
£30 evening meal the night before
£50 1st nigh accomodation
£125 to make it up to the £250
Mate Snoring all night in the tent pod next to me
Blow up lilo that only stays up for an hour and a half before becoming flat enough for just your arse and back to be on the ground!
....only to get home to be told that the lilo doesn't stay up...I think it has a puncture........ffs.....maybe tell me before I take it!!
Ha ha its in the bin now!
great these charity rides!!
possibly doing the Wright Challenge 70 miles round the isle of White....fancy it?

On a separate note....I'm pre ordering this bad boy...may even get 2
could have stayed on the sofa and watched the new tv and saved your energy by donating diesel money!!
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