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Feel it with your heart ...
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What world are you creating ... 
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If you are in sales of any kind, you need to take a look at this.
[New Blog] All top salespeople do 7 distinct things differently than all the rest. Do you know what they are? Read my blog below to find out!
Success factors that you can apply to your career and your life to reach all of your career goals and develop a positive attitude.
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Einstein said, “Everything has changed with the splitting of the atom except one thing — the way we think. We must change the way we think!”

A great article from Jack Elias takes a deeper look at this truth about awakening.
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Forget the kids.... Are you keeping an eye on your dogs social media activities!
Social Media Joke Of The Day
And if you've ever wondered how dogs might do Social Media ...???

#jokeoftheday   #socialmediafunny   #doglovers   #dogsareawasome   #socialmedia  
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Hold on to your hat though!
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What are we teaching our children about EGO and self esteem? Your own thoughts and comments are most welcome.   #Ego   #selfesteem  
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A secret sales trick... It's not as complicated as you might think. #entrprenuer #richardbranson  
As this year’s Pitch To Rich final approaches the Virgin Founder has been on hand to give out a few pitching tips, including his secret weapon… This time last year we saw Richard Branson hand out his top five pitching tips, as a set of hungry start-ups prepared to try and convince him to part …
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Make your life a masterpiece. #briantracy  
You have the ability right now, to exceed all your previous levels of accomplishment.
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What is your deepest fear? #inspirationalquote   #mariannewilliamson  
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Learning to get in touch with your higher self... #inspirationalquote   #ElisabethKublerRoss  
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Yes. I have to admit I see some quite valid truths in this.
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My Brief Bio

Back in 1997, I had my brush with death. At the time I was an agency manager with a large UK travel company. In November that year took a vacation in Tenerife. A few days into my holiday I collapsed in the street a few hundred yards from my hotel.  I had suffered a cerebral aneurysm.

Three days after collapsing I awoke in the hospital much to the amazement of the doctors and medical staff. You see, the blood vessel that ruptured and leaked blood into my brain re-sealed itself without any operation or outside intervention. Maybe it was divine intervention.

Richard Bach, author of the timeless classic Jonathan Livingston Seagull once said “Here is a test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: If you’re alive, it isn’t.” This was my first glimpse of a world beyond the one we know.

I guess it was this experience that led me to believe that there is more to life than we can possibly fathom with our five senses alone, I embarked upon a journey, which I am still on, to seek answers to life's great questions.

This has brought me in to contact with many great and gifted people but this is not the place for name dropping. Let's just say that life becomes easier and there is less struggle if we learn from others who have been there, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

You are welcome to join me on that journey... and let's have some fun along the way.

You can find a copy of  my book here:

Orion & The Wildcat - A Journey Into Spirit & The Voices of the Heart

Please feel free to visit my website/blog at

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Being of genuine service to others and providing and adding value to their lives is a formula for success.
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