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For you Android fans who are also Google+ fans (and let's face it, if you're following me on Google+ you're either an Android fan, a Google+ fan, or one of my friends or family) then good news!

There's a new version of the Google+ app for Android available from the Google Play Store. This new version adds richer snippets for things you share, as well as hashtag support.

Your Android phone should notice the update automatically (and either prompt you to download it, or automatically download it if you've enabled that setting). If you're impatient like me, you can visit the Google Play app, tap the Settings icon in the upper-right corner, then select My Apps which will display a list of any apps waiting to update.
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Funny thing while I was preparing this post: I was running through the update steps and my phone prompted me to get the fresh update to Angry Birds. :-)
I hope it works better than the iOS version. ;)
+Miguel Borges I don't believe any of Google's core apps are available in the Amazon App Store.
The improvement to Share Intents alone is well worth the update. Proper sharing and snippets.
+Paul Wilcox Can you tell me why is that? The GReader app is very good. Is there a problem with Amazon?
You can sideload some of the Google core apps. Pretty sure I loaded the Google+ app on my son's Kindle Fire...
finally!! it was about time you fixed share and introduced hashtags on mobile! :)
+Paul Wilcox, your list of reasons has a lack of one of your most important activities as a Community Manager - loved those times, and they were one of the pretty good reasons to circle you here (loved your eve's advice ;-) ).
What about Kindle Fire? I cannot find the Google Play Store app (or any for that matter) for my Kindle Fire. Need help please??
+Tracy Froehlich The Google Play Store is not currently available on the Kindle Fire. Although the Kindle Fire's base operating system is Android, Amazon has built their own app store for the device.
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